Persons tagged with «USA»

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Aamdal, Steinar Professor Emeritus USA, Nordic
Aas, Solveig Senior Adviser +47-22858438 International cooperation, Priority partner countries, USA, Russia, Research administration, Research policy
Adli, Erik Associate Professor +47-22854166 +41764873366 CERN, Particle accelerators, Particle physics, CLIC, ESS, FACET, AWAKE, USA, Nordic
Arnseth, Hans Christian Associate Professor and Head of Research +47-22855348 +47-92245443 (mob) Education, ICT and learning, USA
Attramadal, Håvard Professor II +47-23073520 +47-90639687 (mob) USA
Bedos, Erik Christopher Professor +47-22854426 Mathematics, Operator algebras, USA
Bjørnstad, Ottar Infectious Disease Dynamics, Outbreaks, Population Dynamics, Statistical ecology, Biomathematics, USA, Japan
Bogen, Bjarne Professor +47-23073015 Life sciences, Immunology, autoimmunity, B cell lymphomas, multiple myeloma, T cells, B cells, vaccine molecules, China, India, Japan, USA, Nordic, Global South
Bretthauer, Michael Professor 90132480 (mob) USA, Nordic
Brieuc, Marine Servane Postdoctoral Fellow Atlantic cod, Salmon, Population genomics, Quantitative genetics, Bioinformatics, Conservation genetics, USA
Bringmann, Torsten Professor +47-22855094 Theoretical physics, Particle physics, Astroparticle physics, Cosmology, Dark Matter, Nordic, USA
Burger, Emily Postdoctoral Fellow USA
Bygrave, Lee Andrew Professor +47-22859339 China, USA, Brazil, Russia
Carlsen, Kai-Håkon Professor Emeritus 92017026 (mob) USA
Carlsson, Mats Professor +47-22856536 Astronomy and Astrophysics, Solar Physics, Observations, Simulations, Computational Astrophysics, Solar Chromosphere, IRIS, Japan, USA, Nordic
Christophersen, Asbjørn Postdoctoral Fellow USA
Clausen, Thomas Professor +47-23368978 Nordic, USA
Dahl-Jørgensen, Knut Professor II 22118765 (SYKEHUS) 23015577 Diabetes and hormones, Nordic, USA
Dahle, Håkon Senior Researcher 22 85 75 31 93 26 63 31 (mob) Astronomy and Astrophysics, Cosmology, Galaxies, Observations, Nordic Optical Telescope, USA, Nordic
Duesund, Liv Professor +47-22858072 +47-41497909 (mob) Disruptive Behavior in Schools, Behavioral learning disorder, Eating disorder, Selfconcept, Apprenticeship, Skill model, The body and Learning, Phenomenology, Adapted Physical Activity, USA
Dupont, Nicolas Researcher Zooplankton ecology, Environmental changes, Statistical modelling, Population modelling, Behavioural modelling, Russia, USA
Durant, Joël Researcher +47-22854078 Food web dynamics, climate change ecology, Climate effects, Ecology, Ecophysiology, Fish, Food webs, Marine ecology, Ornithology, Population ecology, Seabirds, Phenology, Russia, USA, South Africa, Nordic
Dyb, Grete Professor II +47-22595500 Nordic, USA
Gates, Scott Professor +47-22841654 International Politics, Bureaucratic Politics, Civil Conflict, USA, Global South, democratization
Grødeland, Gunnveig Researcher Influenza, Immunology, Vaccine molecules, USA
Grøver, Vibeke Professor +47-22857601 Education, Comprehending and learning from text, USA
Gudmundsdottir, Greta Björk Associate Professor +47-22855697 Læring og utdanning, IKT og læring, Lærerutdanningsforskning, Komparative og internasjonale studier, USA, Japan, Nordic, South Africa, Global South
Gullestad, Lars Professor +47-23070641 97644772 (mob) USA
Hersleth, Hans-Petter Senior Lecturer and Principal Investigator +47 22854631 +47 41333126 (mob) structural biology, biochemistry, protein crystallography, protein structure, diffraction, spectroscopy, Life sciences, Synchrotron, USA
Hjorth-Jensen, Morten Professor of Physics Norway:+4748257387/USA:+15177089279 (mob) Computational physics, Nuclear Physics, Computational Quantum Mechanics, Many-body Physics, Multi-scale processes, USA
Häfliger, Philipp Dominik Professor +47-22840118 Life sciences, Electronics, Microelectronics, Nanoelectronics, Integrated circuits, Neuromorphic systems, Micro-implants, Machine Learning, USA
Jahnsen, Frode Lars Professor +47-23071444 Life science, Allergy, Immunology, USA, Nordic
Jensen, Ruth Associate Professor +47-22844857 USA, Nordic
Kaale, Anett Associate Professor +47-22856636 +47-41780045 (mob) Autism spectrum disorder, intervention, preschool, social communication, USA
Kalager, Mette Associate Professor Nordic, USA
Karlsen, Kenneth Hvistendahl Professor +47-22855948 Mathematics, Partial Differential Equations, Centre of Mathematics for Applications - CMA, China, Brazil, Russia, USA
Kitchen-Døderlein, Deborah Lynn Associate Professor +47-22856952 90948254 (mob) Area Studies, North America, USA
Klette, Kirsti Professor +47-22855285 USA, Nordic
Knutsen, Carl Henrik Professor +47-22854244 Global South, USA
Langangen, Øystein Researcher +47-22854648 Ecology, Marine ecology, Russia, USA
Larsen, Nadia S. Professor 22 85 54 89 Mathematics, Operator algebras, USA, Nordic
Liow, Lee Hsiang Associate Professor +47-22855078 Evolutionary ecology, climate change, Ecology, Evolutionary biology, Macroecology, Macroevolution, Paleobiology, Paleontology, Species diversity, USA, Nordic, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Poland, Austria, France
Ludvigsen, Sten Dean +4722840712 +4795774652 (mob) Education, ICT and learning, USA
Lundblad, Michael Professor +47-22856007 Literature, American literature, Animal Studies, Animality Studies, Disability Studies, Illness Studies, Biopolitics, Posthumanism, Cultural Studies, Critical Theory, Literary Theory, USA, North America
Løberg, Magnus Associate Professor Nordic, USA
Mahler, Tobias Professor +4722850087 Internet Governance, Legal Informatics, China, USA, Brazil, Russia
Mardal, Kent-Andre Professor +47-67828294 93610854 (mob) 93610854 Mechanics, Fluid mechanics, USA, Nordic, Sweden, Germany, UK
Matlary, Janne Haaland Professor +47-22857564 USA, Russia
Mehlum, Lars Professor +47 22923473 China, USA
Melberg, Hans Olav Associate Professor +47-22845031 Health economics, International comparison, Economic evaluation, Cost-benefit analysis, Statistical method, USA, Nordic
Melby-Lervåg, Monica Professor +47-22858138 meta-analysis, dyslexia, systematic reviews, language impairment, intervetions, working memory, second language learners, USA, India
Melle, Ingrid Professor +47 23 02 73 50 Nordic, USA
Moen, Anne Professor, Director UiO:eColab +47-228 50 540 +47 909 71 904 (mob) USA, Nordic, Global South
Munthe, Ludvig Andre Professor +47 2307 1337 USA
Naume, Bjørn Professor II 47019460 (mob) USA
Nordeng, Hedvig Marie Egeland Professor +47-22856604 45033984 (mob) 45033984 Social Pharmacy, Pharmacoepidemiology, Drug use/Pharmacotherapy, Adherence, Pharmacovigilance, Natural products, USA, Nordic
Omland, Tron Postdoctoral Fellow Mathematics, Operator algebras, USA
Ono, Kotaro Species distribution models, State-space models, Population dynamics, Fish ecology, Stock assessment, Management strategy evaluation, USA
Ottersen, Geir Visiting Researcher +47-22857288 Atlantic cod, Fisheries oceanography, climate change, climate change ecology, Climate effects, Ecological regime shifts, Marine ecology, Marine spatial planning, Oceanography, Pelagic ecology, Population dynamics, Population ecology, Nordic, USA, Russia
Pereira, Tiago Researcher +47-22855008 Astronomy and Astrophysics, Solar Physics, China, India, USA
Raklev, Are Professor +47 22855079 +47 41452597 (mob) Theoretical physics, Particle physics, Astroparticle physics, CERN, LHC, Dark Matter, Supersymmetry, Nordic, USA
Rowe, Melissah Researcher +47-22851721 Evolution, Behavioural ecology, Sexual selection, Australia, Germany, Japan, USA
Rutkowski, David Professor +47-22844468 Global South, USA
Rutkowski, Leslie Professor +47-22844490 USA
Røsæg, Erik Professor +47-22859752 +47-48002979 (mob) Shipping, Trade and finance, Law and economics, Property and insurance, International law, Contracts and agreements, Third party interests in private law, Maritime law, Transport Law, Nordic, Europe, Arctic, Russia, USA
Saugstad, Ola Didrik Professor +47-23072790 +47-90194144 (mob) USA
Siddiq, Fazilat +47-22857264 Digital competence, ICT literacy, assesment, 21st century skill, USA
Sjåfjell, Beate Professor +47-22859381 +47-95931283 (mob) China, Brazil, USA, South Africa, Nordic, Global South
Smeland, Erlend B Professor II +47-22500730 +47-91388199 (mob) USA, Nordic
Smiseth, Otto A. Professor II +47-23073520 +47-90867189 (mob) USA
Solbrekke, Tone Dyrdal Professor +47-22844408 +47-91350516 (mob) Eucation, Higher education, Workplace learning, USA
Sollid, Ludvig Magne Professor +47-23073811 Life sciences, USA, Brazil, Nordic
Staff, Anne Cathrine (Annetine) Professor I, Obstetric and Gynecology +47-22119800 +47-41303081 (mob) Diabetes og hormoner, Ernæring, Genetikk og epidemiologi, Hjerte, kar og lunger, Kjønnsorganer, Kreft, Mor og barn, Nyrer og urinveier, India, Brazil, USA, Nordic
Stenseth, Nils Christian Professor +47-22854584 Life sciences, China, India, Japan, Russia, USA, Canada, Nordic, Global South
Stige, Leif Christian Researcher +47-22854608 Atlantic cod, Fisheries oceanography, Food web dynamics, Trophic interactions, Arctic and alpine ecosystems, Biology, Climate effects, Copepods, Ecological statistics, Fish, Marine ecology, Pelagic ecology, Population dynamics. China, Russia, USA, Nordic
Strand, Håvard Associate Professor +47-22855198 Comparative Politics, development studies, Elections, Democracy, Global South, USA
Stray-Pedersen, Babill Professor Emeritus +47-23072651 +47-91646299 (mob) Russia, Global South, South Africa, USA
Syljuåsen, Olav Fredrik Professor +47-22855010 Physics, Theoretical physics, Computational Physics, Quantum Physics, Strongly correlated electrons, Condensed matter physics, Nordic, USA
Sørensen, Adam Peder Wie Associate Professor +47-22855878 Mathematics, Operator algebras, USA, Nordic, Australia
Ulberg, Randi Associate Professor Psychotherapy, Nordic, USA
Viefers, Susanne F Professor +47-22855004 physics, theoretical physics, low-dimensional phyics, Strongly corrrelated electrons, fractional quantum Hall effect, atomic Bose condensates, Nordic, USA
Wehus, Ingunn Kathrine Researcher +47-22854451 Astronomy and Astrophysics, Cosmology, CMB, component separation, intensity mapping, India, Japan, South Africa, Canada, USA, Europe, Nordic, COMAP, SPIDER, LiteBIRD, PASIPHAE, GreenPol, Planck
Wig, Tore Researcher +47-22844998 90 52 27 29 Global South, USA
Wilberg, Theresa Professor II Nordic, USA
Winther, Ragnar Professor +47-22855935 Mathematics, Partial Differential Equations, Centre of Mathematics for Applications - CMA, China, USA
Wold, Erlend Fornæss Professor +47-22855915 Mathematics, Several Complex Variables, China, USA, Brazil
Østerud, Øyvind Professor +47 90 14 06 23 (mob) USA
Øzerk, Kamil Professor +47-22855347 Education, Curriculum studies, USA