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Picture of Kjetil Boye Boye, Kjetil Oncologist, MD, PhD kjetil.boye@rr-research.no
Picture of Andreas Brech Brech, Andreas Project leader +47-22781929 andreas.brech@rr-research.no
Picture of Núria Casals Casals, Núria Visiting professor (International University of Catalunya, Barcelona) +47-22781934 ncasals@uic.es
Picture of Yngvar Fløisand Fløisand, Yngvar Head physician +47-23072462 yngvar.floisand@rr-research.no
Picture of Lisa Beth Frankel Frankel, Lisa Beth Guest assistant professor (Biotech research & innovation center Copenhagen) +47-22781936 lisa.frankel@bric.ku.dk
Picture of Nacho García García, Nacho Scientist +47-22781968 ignacio.garcia.llorente@rr-research.no
Picture of Kaisa Haglund Haglund, Kaisa Project leader +47-22781924 kaisa.haglund@rr-research.no
Picture of Helene Knævelsrud Knævelsrud, Helene Scientist +47-22781976 helene.knavelsrud2@rr-research.no
Picture of Susanne Lorenz Lorenz, Susanne Core facility leader susanne.lorenz@rr-research.no
Picture of Lene Malerød Malerød, Lene Scientist +47-22781925 lene.malerod@rr-research.no
Picture of Leonardo Meza-Zepeda Meza-Zepeda, Leonardo Group leader Leonardo.Meza-Zepeda@rr-research.no
Picture of Ola Myklebost Myklebost, Ola Project leader ola.myklebost@uib.no
Picture of Beata Nadratowska-Wesolowska Nadratowska-Wesolowska, Beata Researcher beata.nadratowska-wesolowska@ibv.uio.no
Picture of Fergal O'Farrell O'Farrell, Fergal Scientist fergal.ofarrell@rr-research.no
Picture of Camilla Raiborg Raiborg, Camilla Ass. Group leader +47-22781820 camilla.raiborg@rr-research.no
Picture of Marie Rogne Rogne, Marie Researcher +47-22840532 marie.rogne@ncmm.uio.no Stem cells, Cell signalling
Picture of Kay Oliver Schink Schink, Kay Oliver Project leader +47-22781821 kay.oliver.schink@rr-research.no
Picture of Ellen Skarpen Skarpen, Ellen Scientist, core facility manager +47-22781905 ellen.skarpen@rr-research.no
Picture of Vigdis Sørensen Sørensen, Vigdis Core facility manager +47-22781906 vigdis.sorensen@rr-research.no
Picture of Eva Wenzel Wenzel, Eva Project leader +47-22781819 eva.wenzel@rr-research.no
Picture of Antoni Wiedlocha Wiedlocha, Antoni Project leader +47-22781930 antoni.wiedlocha@rr-research.no