About the Centre

The Centre for Cancer Biomedicine (CCB) was established in September 2007 as a Centre of Excellence (CoE) appointed by the Research Council of Norway, with the vision of unifying basic and translational research for the benefit of the cancer patient. CCB's day-to-day management consists of Director Harald Stenmark and Co-Director Ragnhild A. Lothe.


The University of Oslo is our host institution. However, the majority of our Centre is located at Oslo University Hospital, the Norwegian Radium Hospital. A consortium agreement regulates cooperation between the University of Oslo and Oslo University Hospital with the intention to make conditions favourable for fulfilling the scientific aims and strategic plans of CCB.


Cancer is a highly complex invasive cell disease, unique to small patient groups or even to single patients. Improvement of cancer prognostics, diagnostics and therapy requires an integrated approach based on tumour parameters and patient specific properties. In CCB more than 100 scientists from different disciplines share the common focus of disease understanding and development of affordable tools for early detection and tailored treatment of cancer. CCB's research is divided into four programmes.