CCB's Centre of Excellence project summary

Cancer is a complex invasive-cell disease that operates in many disguises. To combat it efficiently, we need to integrate cancer-related biological information occurring at multiple levels - molecular, cellular, and organismal. Such a complex analysis, known as systems biology, is based on the team approach to advance the work of individual scientists from different disciplines.

Uniting specialists

By taking advantage of unique biobanks and uniting specialists within cell biology, translational cancer research and computational biology, this centre will address crucial topics of cancer biomedicine with the ultimate goal to improve the life of the cancer patient. Researchers of the centre will be given the opportunity to pursue new ideas towards understanding basic biological processes in addition to those with immediate clinical impact.

The highly multidisciplinary environment within the centre co-localized in a modern research building and interacting with a leading cancer hospital will provide an optimal setting for frontline research and for new talents of both genders to develop their careers as scientists.

Co-operations with leading research institutions abroad will contribute to the advancement of the centre project.

The combined large-scale and detailed biology research will lead to a better understanding of the complex dynamics of cancer evolution. The obtained information will be used for molecularly assisted medicine: The novel biomarkers of cancer will be transferred into diagnostic biomedical tests, and their combined information will direct the choice of therapeutic regime, theragnostics, for the individual cancer patient.

Published Feb. 8, 2012 4:52 PM - Last modified Feb. 12, 2012 7:23 PM