Stenmark group - Cellular membrane dynamics

Our group studies the molecular mechanisms that promote or suppress cancer, a disease that involves uncontrolled proliferation and invasiveness of specific cell types of the body.

The Stenmark group. Foto: OUS

About the groupHarald Stenmark

In our group we study mechanisms that control the proliferation, growth and motility of cells, and how dysregulation of these may cause cancer. Cellular processes of particular interest to us include endocytosis and degradation of growth factor receptors, autophagy, and cytokinesis. We know that all these processes contribute to tumour suppression, and we are trying to elucidate the underlying molecular mechanisms in the hope that these may reveal pathways that may be exploited diagnostically or therapeutically. The translation of our research into applications that benefit cancer patients occurs in close collaboration with biostatisticians and translational cancer researchers in CCB.

Our model systems include fruit flies and cultured cancer cell lines, and we employ a range of biochemical, molecular biological, genetic and cell biological methods. In particular, confocal and electron microscopy is central to our work, and we receive help from the CCB biostatisticians to quantify results from our image analyses.

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Harald Stenmark
CCB Director and Group leader, Professor

Department of Molecular Cell Biology, Institute for Cancer Research, Oslo University Hospital


Tel: +47 22781818