Liestøl group - Data analysis, Statistical methods development

The research activity in the BioMed group is directed towards methods development and applications of biostatistics, bioinformatics and computational science in the medical sciences, and in particular in medical genomics.

The Liestøl group. Foto: Linda Cartridge

About the groupKnut Liestøl

Our group has its main activity within analysis of data from high throughput technologies in genetics and molecular biology. While rich in information, the complexity of these large data sets makes extraction of information a true challenge. As opposed to the typical situation in classical statistics, high throughput technologies require methods adapted to (relatively) few samples and high numbers of observations on each sample.

Typically, projects in our group initially focus on a concrete biomedical problem; we then try to solve the problem in a broader context and finally develop adapted software tools. Specifically, the group has worked on survival analysis with many covariates and on methods for analysing changes in chromosomal copy numbers. Additionally, we address other statistical problems arising in CCB, including problems related to cellular processes, biomarkers or in translational research.

The KL group is part of the Biomedical research (BioMed) group at the Department of Informatics, University of Oslo.

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Knut Liestøl
CCB Group leader, Professor