Lothe group - Genetics and epigenetics

Todays technology allows us more than ever before to identify the genes that cause cancer, as well as to detect cancer-specific genetic changes that may be used for early diagnosis and for choice of treatment strategies.

The Lothe group. Foto: Linda Cartridge

About the groupRagnhild A. Lothe

Our aims at the Department of Cancer Prevention are to identify, develop and validate new biomarkers with high sensitivity and specificity. These can be applied to early diagnosis, risk assessment as well as prediction of disease course and treatment response. In order to reach these goals we integrate basic and clinical science with statistical methods. Our translational projects are focused on colorectal- and urological- cancer.

We cooperate with the other CCB groups within the Centre's major scientific programs. The department's research teams contribute to the centre with first-hand experience in the construction, use and analyses of various microarray platforms and in a wide range of epigenetic, genetic and cell biology tools.

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Ragnhild A. Lothe
CCB Group leader, Professor

Department of Cancer Prevention, Institute for Cancer Research, Oslo University Hospital

E-mail: ragnhild.a.lothe@rr-research.no

Tel: +47 22 78 17 28