Internal annual seminar 2017 for CCB members at Hotel Farris Bad

The 2017 annual CCB seminar will be held at Hotel Farris Bad from the 28th – 29th of August.

The registration is now open.

Hotel Farris Bad - Larvik, Norway.


Registration Form - Deadline for registration is 5th of July 2017


Name :
E-mail address :

Please tick off:

I´m a member of:

Stenmark´s group
Lothe´s group
Sandvig´s group
Danielsen´s group
Smeland´s group
Liestøl´s group
Lind´s group
Skotheim´s group
Wiedlocha´s group
Micci´s group

Lunch on Monday
Dinner on Monday
Overnight accommodation
Lunch on

 Allergies/Dietary requirements, if any:


Bus transport from the Radium Hospital to Farris Bad on Monday
Bus transport from Farris Bad to the Radium Hospital on Tuesday



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