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Ludvig M. Sollid heads a group that studies coeliac disease to understand the interplay between genetic and environmental factors in chronic inflammatory disorders.

Ludvig M. Sollid

About the group

Our group is striving to understand what happens when the body's defense from disease, the immune system, directly or indirectly causes harm to the body.

Coeliac disease, rheumatoid arthritis, type 1 (insulin-dependent) diabetes, and multiple sclerosis are examples of autoimmune disorders of a chronic inflammatory nature. We are concentrating on coeliac disease as a model to understand the molecular mechanisms leading to chronic inflammatory disease.

Research in the group has lead to a better understanding of the molecular basis of coeliac disease, but has also revealed general principles of immune regulation that are applicable to other immune-mediated disorders.

Translational research on coeliac disease on our group is organized within the KG Jebsen Centre for Coeliac Disease Research (J CoDiRC).

The Sollid group is part of the Department of Immunology at UiO and OUS and is located at OUS-Rikshospitalet.


As part of CIR the group runs projects focusing on:

  1. B cells and the auto-antibody response of coeliac disease.
  2. How certain variants of HLA molecules predispose to disease development.
  3. Characterisation of how T cells recognise gluten protein, the dietary antigen precipitating coeliac disease.
  4. How transglutaminase (TG) 2 mediated post-translational protein modification increases antigenicity.

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Selected publications

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  • Department of Immunology, Oslo University Hospital Rikshospitalet and University of Oslo, PO Box 4950 Nydalen, Oslo 0424, Norway.


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