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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Ørjan Berg Berg, Ørjan Secretary +47-22923650
Berg, Øyvind A. Senior Executive Officer +47-22845314 ePhorte, Mail room, User support, Public registry
Picture of Karoline Berg-Eriksen Berg-Eriksen, Karoline Adviser +47-22844680 Human resources administration, Recruitment, Appointments, Regulations
Picture of Anita Berge Berge, Anita Principal Engineer +47-23073147
Picture of Niclas Johan Marius Berger Berger, Niclas Johan Marius Adviser +47-22851437 Student and Academic Administration
Picture of Sonia Bhandari Bhandari, Sonia Higher Executive Officer +47-23016774
Picture of Thomas Bjella Bjella, Thomas Head Engineer +47-23027326
Picture of Vigdis Bjerkeli Bjerkeli, Vigdis Senior Engineer +47-23072778
Picture of Ingun Marie Bjørkelund Bjørkelund, Ingun Marie Senior Executive Officer +47-22845324
Picture of Vibeke Solberg Bjørklund Bjørklund, Vibeke Solberg Senior Executive Officer +47-67968855
Picture of Gunnveig Toft Bjørndal Bjørndal, Gunnveig Toft Head Engineer +47-22851001
Picture of Ragnhild Bjørneng Bjørneng, Ragnhild Adviser +47-22850653 Student and Academic Administration, Courses, Student guidance, Syllabus, Web publishing, Coordinating
Picture of Kari-Anne Bjørnerud Bjørnerud, Kari-Anne Adviser +47-22845336 Administration, Organized research training (doctoral programme), PhD, Theses/dissertations, Trial lecture, Disputation
Picture of Stine Bjørnsen Bjørnsen, Stine Principal Engineer +47-23073617
Picture of Pernille Blicher Blicher, Pernille Head Engineer
Picture of Martin Bonnevie-Svendsen Bonnevie-Svendsen, Martin Research Technician
Borge, Randi Hovden Higher Executive Officer +47-22845335 PhD, Dr.philos., Organized research training (doctoral programme), Research support
Picture of Victor Bredholt Bredholt, Victor Head Engineer +47-22850666 +47-92442236 User support, User administration, Purchaser, E-mail, calender, chat, Local IT support, Telephone services, Printing
Brekke, Eleonora Higher Executive Officer +47-22850562 Admissions, Student guidance, Courses, Examination
Picture of Merethe Bremer Bremer, Merethe Senior Adviser +47-22856353 +47-95209393 Research administration, Research training, Regulations, Statistics, Research school, PhD, Doctoral program
Picture of Åslaug Brynildsen Brynildsen, Åslaug Adviser +47-22840358 Communication, Web publishing, Research communication, Internal communication, Project management
Picture of Helene Burhol Burhol, Helene Adviser +47-22859216
Picture of Joe Bush Bush, Joe Senior Engineer +47-22859092 +47-40553332
Picture of Linn  Bævre Bævre, Linn Head of division administration 0047 91855211
Picture of Marte Rabo Carlsen Carlsen, Marte Rabo Higher Executive Officer