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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Granberg, Mads Peter Head Engineer +47-22851105
Picture of Unn-Hilde Grasmo-Wendler Grasmo-Wendler, Unn-Hilde Faculty Director +47-22845305 97483184 Management
Picture of Silje Brekken Grepperud Grepperud, Silje Brekken Senior Executive Officer +47-22859219
Picture of Kirsten Grundt Grundt, Kirsten Senior Engineer +47-22851096 +47-40203518
Picture of Per Grøttum Grøttum, Per Professor +47-22852457 +47-92023009 E-learning, ICT and learning, Pedagogics, Sound, Image, Video
Picture of Hanne Guldsten Guldsten, Hanne Principal Engineer +47-22840779
Picture of Juan Carlos Veloso Gutierrez Gutierrez, Juan Carlos Veloso Cleaner
Picture of Iwona Gutowska-Schiander Gutowska-Schiander, Iwona Senior Engineer +47-22840211
Picture of Jan Borge Guttulsrud Guttulsrud, Jan Borge Senior Engineer +47-22857867 E-learning, Digital learning resources
Picture of Tolesa Tilahun Hafte Hafte, Tolesa Tilahun Adviser +47-22851439 Student and Academic Administration
Picture of Egil Haga Haga, Egil Adviser +47-22844667
Picture of Kjersti Thorvaldsen Hagen Hagen, Kjersti Thorvaldsen Head Engineer
Picture of Agnete Hager Hager, Agnete Administrative Manager 23 07 08 71 +47 928 50 252
Picture of Bashir Ahmad Hakim Hakim, Bashir Ahmad Senior Engineer +47-22851284 +47-91854716
Picture of Trude Hamnes Hamnes, Trude Senior Executive Officer +47-23075302
Picture of Wiggo Bjørn Hansen Hansen, Wiggo Bjørn Senior Adviser +47-22845317 Archives, Archive plan
Picture of Lars Hansson Hansson, Lars Principal Engineer
Picture of Nicolay Jonassen Harbin Harbin, Nicolay Jonassen Adviser
Picture of Almira Hasic Hasic, Almira Senior Executive Officer
Picture of Annicke Stranda Haslestad Haslestad, Annicke Stranda Head Engineer
Picture of Christina Heesch Heesch, Christina Senior Adviser 92456870
Picture of Sverre Andre Hegg Hegg, Sverre Andre Principal Engineer +47-22856009
Picture of Kristin Margrete Heggen Heggen, Kristin Margrete Professor +47-22845376 Management
Picture of Knut Hegland Hegland, Knut Adviser +47-22859213 Financial managment, Budget, Accounts, Oracle (OA), Checking program
Picture of Steinar Heldal Heldal, Steinar Administrative Manager +47-23026552 95949689