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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Erlendur Helgason Helgason, Erlendur Senior Adviser +47-22845315 Research administration, Research support, External funding
Picture of Linda Teigland Helgesen Helgesen, Linda Teigland Head of Office 0047 922 15 890 Administration, Management, Organizational development, HSE, Activity management
Picture of Torstein Helleve Helleve, Torstein Senior Adviser +47-22856819 Communication, Web publishing, Web editor
Picture of Marit Synnøve Hellum Hellum, Marit Synnøve Senior Engineer
Picture of Paul Johannes Helm Helm, Paul Johannes Senior Engineer +47-22851159
Picture of Hege Berg Henriksen Henriksen, Hege Berg Adviser +47-22851520
Picture of Hilde Henriksen Henriksen, Hilde Senior Adviser +47-22845072 Research administration, Web publishing, External funding
Picture of Peter Olaf Hofgaard Hofgaard, Peter Olaf Senior Engineer +47-23073027 Japan
Picture of Kristian Holm Holm, Kristian Senior Engineer +47-23070293 nopsc, psc
Picture of Kristine Lillebø Holm Holm, Kristine Lillebø Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22851121
Picture of Nina Maagaard Holm Holm, Nina Maagaard Senior Executive Officer +47-23015644
Picture of Hanne Holmesland Holmesland, Hanne Senior Executive Officer +47-22923715
Picture of Erik Holt Holt, Erik Senior Engineer +47-22851109 +47-90862438 Behaviour, Health communication, AV services, Teleform, Purchaser, Fire safety, Web publishing
Holø, Astrid Senior Adviser +47-22845804 +47-41216340
Picture of Håvard Homberset Homberset, Håvard Head Engineer
Picture of Øystein Horgmo Horgmo, Øystein Head Engineer +47-23072820 +47-95296090 Photo, Photography, Graphic design, Communication, Research communication
Picture of Ole-Jakob How How, Ole-Jakob Adviser 98821821
Picture of Erlend Huglen Huglen, Erlend Adviser +47-22844691 Human resources administration
Picture of Haldor Husby Husby, Haldor Senior Adviser
Picture of Ngoc-Trang Thi Huynh Huynh, Ngoc-Trang Thi Head Engineer +47-22851183
Picture of Silje Høiland Stenersen (on leave) Høiland Stenersen (on leave), Silje Research administration, Organized research training (doctoral programme), PhD, Theses/dissertations, Trial lecture, Disputation
Picture of Ingeborg K Haavardsson Haavardsson, Ingeborg K Adviser +47-22850691 +47-91637724
Picture of Malarvili Inparajan Inparajan, Malarvili Higher Executive Officer +47-22851076
Picture of Lourdes Cotrim Jacobsen Jacobsen, Lourdes Cotrim Higher Executive Officer +47-22851150 purchasing, invoice processing, office supplies, joint expedition services
Picture of Siri Evju Janssen Janssen, Siri Evju Adviser +47-22850671 Research support, Administration, Web publishing