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Peptide Array Core Facility

Our Core Facility is a peptide synthesis service.

molecular model of peptide

Illustration: Colourbox


We offer:

  • Synthesis of peptide arrays on cellulose membranes
  • Synthesis of lyophilized peptides
  • Amino acid analysis of peptide hydrolysates


  • 2 MultiPep automated multiple synthesizers from Intavis (2004 and 2006)
  • Varian Polaris 200 analytical and preparative HPLC system (2006)
  • Biochrom 30 amino acid analyser (2007)

Synthesis scales and chemistry

  • Peptide arrays on membranes (Fmoc chemistry)
  • 5 µmole and 25 µmole on resin (Fmoc chemistry)

C-terminus - Peptides in both scales are normally synthesized as peptide amides. Free acid at the C-terminus is possible for an additional cost (please inquire).

Purity - The purity is of immunological grade. The peptides are cleaved from the resin, extracted with ether/chloroform, precipitated and lyophilized. Short peptides (e.g. 15 residues) often have a purity of 80-95%.

Analyses - Peptides are analysed for purity by reverse phase HPLC. Their molar masses are confirmed by MALDI-MS.


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