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Applications and Admission

Application for admission to the PhD programme is 4 times a year.  It is important that your application has all the information that is required and that it is signed by the Head of Institute before it is sent to the faculty.

Application deadlines

The PhD programme has 4 application deadlines a year.

1st February
1st May
1st September
1st November

The application must be signed by the Head of Institute where you belong before it is sent to the Section for research education.

Grade requirements

As a general rule the following should apply:

  • The average grade given at bachelor’s level should be no less than grade C
  • Subjects at master’s level should have an average grade of no less than grade B
  • Master Thesis should have grade B or better

The grade requirements do not apply for applicants with a degree from Norway or any other Norwegian higher education degree where only grades pass or fail are given.

The application must include the following

  • Application form to the PhD programme (doc).
  • Agreement with an external party (doc). 2 copies when relevant.
  • Project description
  • Confirmation of funding
  • Copy of diploma documenting master’s degree or equivalent degree. You do not need to include a copy of your diploma if you got your master’s degree or cand. med degree from UiO
  • Signed copy of employment contract
  • A plan for the elective component of the educational component, i.e. plan for 20 ECTS of 30 ECTS
  • A plan for project execution within the prescribed admission period

If your application is incomplete you must submit all necessary documentation within six weeks if you want your application to be processed at the next application deadline. You will be notified by email if your application is incomplete.

Your application will be regarded as withdrawn if you do not submit the requested documentation within six weeks.

Who has to fill out the agreement with an external party?

Candidates who are not employed at the University of Oslo must fill out the agreement with an external party. The agreement must be signed by a person who has the authority to commit the external party, often the immediate leader. The candidate’s supervisors should as a general rule not commit the external party.

NB! Being employed at a university hospital is not the same as being employed at the University. All candidates who are employed at Oslo University Hospital and Akershus University Hospital must fill out the agreement with an external party.

Where should you send the application?

After the application has been signed by the Head of Institute, the application and attachments should be sent by post to:

The Faculty of Medicine

P.O. Box 1078 Blindern
0316 Oslo


  • Application for admission to the PhD programme should be sent within two months from commencement date of your PhD project. You must attach a written explanation if you are late in sending in your application.
  • Incomplete applications will not be processed. An application will be regarded as withdrawn if incomplete documentation is not submitted within 6 weeks after the deadline. The application will be processed at the next application deadline if all necessary documentation is submitted within 6 weeks.

Admission requirements

  • Admission to the PhD programme requires at least 5 years basic education, i.e. master’s degree or equivalent. The faculty may under certain conditions give admission on the basis of a one year master’s degree after an assessment of the degree’s scope and quality.
  • Confirmation of project funding.
  • You must have at least two supervisors. One of your supervisors must be employed at the faculty.
  • Your principal supervisor should be employed at the faculty. If you want an external principal supervisor, you must write a short explanation giving your reasons for this.
  • If your principal supervisor is an external supervisor, the co-supervisor must be employed at the faculty.

Admission period

The PhD education has a stipulated length of three years' full-time study from admission date to submission of thesis. The evaluation formally takes place after the admission period.

If the PhD research work is carried out in a part-time position or the candidate has compulsory duties, the admission period is extended accordingly.

A proposed schedule of more than six years will not be accepted, i.e. a proposed schedule of less than 50% work on the PhD. The maximum time permitted for the completion of a PhD programme is eight years independent of research work percentage at date of admission and extensions. Statutory leaves of absence and compulsory duties are not included in the calculation.

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