Anniversary Seminars: Clinical immunology

A well functioning immune system is critical for maintaining health. Insight into the mechanisms of how the immune system work can be harnessed for improved treatment of diseases including cancer.

T cell activation, a central event in immune responses. Illustration: Elin Lunde.



12.30-12.55: Gary Koretzky: Clinical implication of T cell signalling

13.00-13.25: John White: Sunshine boosts immunity. Vitamin D and beyond

13.30-13.45: Asbjørn Christophersen: HLA tetramers to understand and diagnose celiac disease

13.50-14.05: Espen Bækkevold: Novel concepts to investigate immunopathology in organ rejection

14.10-14.25: Johanna Olweus: T-cell based immunotherapy - the new bullets in cancer treatment?

14.25-14.30: Discussion


Professor Anne Spurkland and professor Ludvig Sollid.


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