Published Sep. 15, 2017 2:59 PM

Academic employees and students at UiO can apply UiO:Life Science for funds for partially financing of open events that are in line with the initiative's strategy. Deadline: 1 December 2017.

Published Aug. 24, 2017 3:48 PM

Academic employees, post docs and PhD students at UiO within the life sciences can apply for support to strengthen the collaboration with international research environments.

Deadline is 1st of December 2017.


Published Aug. 24, 2017 3:45 PM

The Research Council of Norway - Support for development of proposals for EU funding for health research

Deadline: 11th October 2017.

Published Aug. 24, 2017 1:45 PM

The goal of an Exploratory Pre-seed Grant is to stimulate entrepreneurship and to explore the potential of research findings at a very early stage

Deadline: 5th October, 2017.

Published Aug. 24, 2017 1:45 PM

NCMM seeking outstanding candidates for new Associate Investigators and Young Associate Investigators


Published Aug. 3, 2017 2:29 PM

The ERC Synergy Grant (SyG) is open for applications with deadline 14 November 2017. ERC SyG is for 2 - 4 PIs and their teams, bringing together complementary skills in order to jointly address ambitious research problems. Applications can be made in any field of research and must demonstrate that the proposed research cannot be carried out by a single PI working alone.

Published Aug. 3, 2017 1:47 PM

The ERC Starting Grant is now open for applications with deadline 17 October 2017. ERC offers highly attractive funding for ambitious researchers with groundbreaking research ideas.

Published Aug. 3, 2017 10:34 AM

Between 100 000 and 250 000 NOK may be awarded as support for international conferences within the fields covered by the BEDREHELSE and BEHANDLING programmes. The conference must be held in Norway.

Published Aug. 3, 2017 10:16 AM

Mobility grants for research stays abroad are awarded to individuals whose positions are already funded under the BEDREHELSE or BEHANDLING programmes. Research stays should last 3 - 12 months. The call is open-ended.

Published Aug. 3, 2017 9:54 AM

The Michael J. Fox Foundation calls for Applications for Edmond J. Safra Fellowships in Movement Disorders. Fellowship duration is 2 years and funding is $ 90 000/year. Deadline for proposals is 6 December 2017.

Published Aug. 2, 2017 5:15 PM

COST Actions provide funding for European Research network activities. The upcoming Collection Date is 25 April 2018.

Published Aug. 2, 2017 4:31 PM

A total of 64 MEUR is available for projects within seven topics. Consortia include pre-defined list of pharmaceutical Companies, one of them leading the consortium. Deadline: October 24th 2017.

Published Aug. 2, 2017 4:07 PM

Projects for sustaining and exploiting key results of selected, previous IMI projects.  A total of 5 MEUR is available. Maximum project duration is 24 months. Deadline: October 24th 2017.

Published July 12, 2017 11:31 AM

SIU launches a new call for proposals for long-term project cooperation between Norwegian and Russian higher education institutions. Deadline: 23 October 2017.

Published May 19, 2017 2:59 PM

NOK 2 million for travel support is offered in this open-ended call to expand industry-oriented R&D cooperation with Brazil, Canada, China, India, Japan, Russia, Singapore, South Africa and the US.