Extrastiftelsen - funding for research 2017

Extrastiftelsen (Extra Foundation) distributes profits from the TV lottery draw game "Extra" to research. This year's application deadline for research projects is 1st June. Note that all applications must be sent via member organisations with their own, earlier deadlines.

The main purpose of the Extra foundation's research funding is to support health research. An important objective is to tie research closer to the health challenges of citizens in their everyday life in their municipalities.

Research priorities

  • Health and care services in municipalities
  • interaction between the different actors within the health services and the specialist health services,
  • research on user involvement
  • the role of non-governmental organizations in the development of health services
  • clinical research aimed at developing new treatment methods and services in the the specialist health services

How to apply

Contact and apply via a relevant member organisation. Note that the member organisations will have earlier deadlines, some already in April. Guidelines and links to all information is available on the Extra Foundation website (Norwegian only).

Timeline for the Norwegian Association for Asthma and Allergy (NAAF)

1 April: Deadline for sending a project outline

19 May: Deadline for sending a complete proposal

More information available here (in Norwegian).

Timeline for the Norwegian Cancer Society

19 April: Deadline for sending a project outline

21 May: Deadline for invited full proposals

More information about the call (pdf, Norwegian)

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