Rakel and Otto-Kristian Bruuns Endowment: 100 000 NOK for basic medical research

The endowment aims to support medical basic research within biochemistry, physiology, and pathology. Cancer-related projects are prioritized. Deadline: August 31st 2017.

Who can apply?

Grants are awarded to qualified scientist who are licensed Medical Doctors. Applications on behalf of institutes or Research Groups are preferred. However, individuals may also apply.

What is funded?

Up to NOK 100 000 for running expenses and small scientific equipment.

How to apply

The application deadline is August 31st 2017. The application form can be acquired from Ole M Sejersted (tel 23 01 68 00)

Published June 29, 2017 2:13 PM - Last modified June 29, 2017 2:13 PM