IMI-2 Projects on Blood-Brain-Barrier Targets, Sjögren's Syndrome, Technology for Alzheimer and more (Call 12)

A total of 64 MEUR is available for projects within seven topics. Consortia include pre-defined list of pharmaceutical Companies, one of them leading the consortium. Deadline: October 24th 2017.

The following topics, consortium coordinator, durations and budgets are defined:

Topic 1 : Development and validation of technology enabled, quantitative and sensitive measures of functional decline in people with early stage Alzheimer’s disease (RADAR-AD). Lead by Janssen Pharmaceutical. Duration 36 months, available budget 5 MEUR.

Topic 2: FAIRification of IMI and EFPIA data. Lead by Janssen Pharmaceutical. Duration 36 months, available budget 4 MEUR.

Topic 3: Development of sensitive and validated clinical endpoints in primary Sjögren’s Syndrome (pSS). Lead by Novartis. Duration 72 months, available budget 8,2 MEUR.

Topic 4: European Health Data Network (EHDN). Lead by Janssen Pharmaceutical. Duration 60 months, available budget 14 MEUR.

Topic 5: Analysing the infectious disease burden and the use of vaccines to improve healthy years in aging populations. Lead by GlaxoSmithKline. Duration 60 months, available budget 5,5 MEUR.

Topic 6: Discovery and characterisation of blood-brain barrier targets and transport mechanisms for brain delivery of therapeutics to treat neurodegenerative & metabolic diseases. Lead by Sanofi. Duration 60 months, available budget 9 MEUR.

Topic 7: European Screening Centre: unique library for attractive biology (ESCulab). Lead by Bayer. Duration 60 months, available budget 18,2 MEUR.


Interested applicants are strongly encouraged to find more information on the IMI Call 12 webpage

Published Aug. 2, 2017 4:31 PM - Last modified Aug. 2, 2017 5:15 PM