JPIAMR - Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance

JPIAMR has announced a network call on working to improve surveillance on antimicrobial resistance surveillance. Deadline: June 12, 2018.

JPIAMR is a global collaborative platform that coordinates national funding and research to address antimicrobial resistance.

7th Call - 2018 Network Call on Surveillance

The overarching goal of JPIAMR research on Surveillance is to standardise, improve and extend surveillance systems on antibiotic use and on AMR in humans, animals, food, and the larger environment. Topics:

  1. Impact of surveillance on prevention, intervention, clinical practice, infection control, treatment and patient management.
  2. Surveillance of AMR in the healthy population: Risk factors; risk groups (e.g. migrants, travelers), reservoirs, and monitoring systems.
  3. Surveillance of non-human AMR reservoirs: Strategies, models, and technologies for tracing AMR in food, animals and the environment.
  4. Improvement and standardisation of methods.
  5. Quality assurance, curation and sharing data.
  6. Surveillance technology and tools: Optimization of methods for outbreaks, rapidly emerging clones, resource-poor settings and global coverage.
  7. Social networks, big data and deep learning for AMR surveillance and prevention.


The coordinator must come from an eligible institution of one of the participating countries. 

The network needs to have at least 15 partners from 10 different countries. Three partners must be from a participating country.

Members may be added continuously to the network as it develops.


Total available per network: 50 000 €
Number of networks that will be funded: 21
Norwegian participants: 2

Link to call

7th Call - 2018 Network Call on Surveillance
NFR - 7th call

This article is based on a preannouncement and may changed at a later stage.

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