JPIAMR - Antimicrobial Resistance Virtual Research

JPIAMR has published a network call on building a Virtual Research Institute on antimicrobial resistance. Deadline: July 4, 2018.

JPIAMR is a global collaborative platform that coordinates national funding and research to address antimicrobial resistance.

8th Call - Building the Foundation of the JPIAMR VRI

The JPIAMR-VRI will provide a platform to increase coordination, improve visibility of the AMR researcher base, facilitate knowledge exchange and capacity development across the globe, covering the full One Health spectrum.

JPIAMR Networks may tackle one or more of the suggested focal areas below.

  • Organisation of a Network to develop the blueprints for the development of the JPIAMR-VRI.
  • Identifying opportunities for capacity building and strengthening capability.
  • Planning the development of a global data platform for sharing of, for example scientific information and infrastructures including libraries or catalogues, clinical samples/data and AMR community mapping information
  • Designing the JPIAMR-VRI platform and coordinating the alignment of other funded Networks.
  • Developing plans to engage key stakeholders and develop communication and knowledge translation activities.


The coordinator must be from an eligible institution from a participating country.

The networks needs to have at least 15 partners from 10 different countries. Three partners needs to be from participating countries

Members can be added continuously to the Network as it develops.


Total available per network: 50 000 €
Number of Network that will be funded: 22
Norwegian participants: 1

Link to call

8th Call - Building the Foundation of the JPIAMR VRI
NFR 8th Call

This article is based on a preannouncement and may be changed at a later stage.

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