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About the Programme

The Postdoctoral Programme provides structured and tailored support for career development.

Target groups

The Postdoctoral Programme targets researchers at the postdoctoral level at the Faculty. The Faculty hosts about 82 international postdoctoral fellows in the Scientia Fellows programme and approximately 100 postdocs financed by other sources. 

Learning outcomes

Having undergone the Postdoctoral Programme the participants should

  • have knowledge of research management
  • be able to form their own career and self-development
  • be able to write competitive applications for research funding
  • work in an interdisciplinary team
  • know the principals of interdisciplinarity and convergence
  • be able to supervise on higher level
  • have knowledge of innovation
  • have a solid knowledge of Norwegian and European research policy
  • have the ability to communicate their research to different audiences

Programme vision

We will:

  • Contribute to a structured and tailored academic career development for researchers at a postdoctoral level
  • Prepare candidates for complex working tasks in- and outside of academia
  • Provide a creative and stimulating learning environment for postdocs
  • Be a flagship for career development of academic talents


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