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Picture of Fekadu Abebe Abebe, Fekadu Researcher +47-22850623 Global South
Picture of Birgitte Ahlsen Ahlsen, Birgitte Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22845379 +47-90501583
Picture of Hambro Alnæs Alnæs, Hambro Researcher
Picture of Aina Alvsvåg Alvsvåg, Aina Higher Executive Officer +47-22845045 Admissions, Student guidance, Courses, Examination
Picture of Eliva Atieno Ambugo Ambugo, Eliva Atieno Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22850680 Nordic
Picture of Marit Helen Andersen Andersen, Marit Helen Associate Professor
Picture of Konstantinos Antypas Antypas, Konstantinos Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22844638
Picture of Morten Ariansen Ariansen, Morten Head Engineer +47-22850664 +47-90162230 User support, User administration, Purchaser, E-mail, calender, chat, Local IT support, Telephone services, Printing
Picture of Deborah Ann Arnfinsen Arnfinsen, Deborah Ann Student adviser + 47 22850523 Student and Academic Administration, Student guidance, Examination, Courses, Admissions
Asphaug, Lars PhD Candidate +47-22850560
Picture of Liv Ariane Augestad Augestad, Liv Ariane Postdoctoral Fellow 45285389
Picture of Irene Auke Auke, Irene Adviser +47-22850600 Project management, Budget and applications, Project economy, Financial management, Reporting
Picture of Eva Bakke Bakke, Eva Research Assistant +47-22845395
Picture of Marie Cecilie Bakken Bakken, Marie Cecilie Adviser +47-22850508 Human resources administration, Recruitment, Appointments, regulations, HR-system, Absence, Leave of absence, Salary
Picture of Arun Prasad Balasundaram Balasundaram, Arun Prasad Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Heidi Beate Bentzen Bentzen, Heidi Beate PhD Candidate +47-22850086
Picture of Ole Trond Berg Berg, Ole Trond Professor Emeritus +47-22850578 +47-99714010
Picture of Rosemarie de la Cruz Bernabe Bernabe, Rosemarie de la Cruz Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22850624
Picture of Mohamed Thameem Salih Bisme Bisme, Mohamed Thameem Salih Research Assistant
Picture of Espen Bjertness Bjertness, Espen Professor +47-22850636 Global South
Picture of Wenche Schrøder Bjorbækmo Bjorbækmo, Wenche Schrøder Researcher +47-22845270
Picture of Gunnar Aksel Bjune Bjune, Gunnar Aksel +47-22850640 Global South
Picture of Arild Bjørndal Bjørndal, Arild Professor II
Picture of Gudrun Maria Waaler Bjørnelv Bjørnelv, Gudrun Maria Waaler
Picture of Ragnhild Bjørneng Bjørneng, Ragnhild Adviser +47-22850653 Student and Academic Administration, Courses, Student guidance, Syllabus, Web publishing, Coordinating