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Picture of Inger Holm Holm, Inger Professor II +47-23072278 +47-48234373
Picture of Søren Holm Holm, Søren Professor II +47-22844642
Picture of Per-Arne Holman Holman, Per-Arne
Picture of Gerd Holmboe-Ottesen Holmboe-Ottesen, Gerd Professor Emeritus +47-22850626 Global South
Picture of Øyvind Holme Holme, Øyvind Nordic
Picture of Geir Hiller Holom Holom, Geir Hiller Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22845013
Picture of Christine Holst Holst, Christine Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Aung Soe Htet Htet, Aung Soe Global South
Picture of Tonje Lossius Husum Husum, Tonje Lossius Postdoctoral Fellow +47-41280305
Picture of Sigurd Høye Høye, Sigurd Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22844603
Picture of Ingeborg K Haavardsson Haavardsson, Ingeborg K Adviser +47-22850691 +47-91637724
Picture of Per Haave Haave, Per Lecturer +47-22850605 +47-94246123
Picture of Ole Rikard Haavet Haavet, Ole Rikard Associate Professor +47-64846973 +47-22850656 +47-95179494
Picture of Pernille Marie Irgens Irgens, Pernille Marie Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22845003
Picture of Tor Iversen Iversen, Tor Professor +47-22845032 Nordic
Picture of Anita  Lakshmi Iyer Iyer, Anita Lakshmi Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Siri Evju Janssen Janssen, Siri Evju Adviser +47-22850671 Research support, Administration, Web publishing
Picture of Siri Jensen Jensen, Siri Senior Adviser +47-22850655 +47-99017894
Picture of Anne Karen Jenum Jenum, Anne Karen Professor +47-22850648
Picture of Henriette C. Jodal Jodal, Henriette C. PhD Candidate Nordic, cancer, screening, SAR, I-SCAN
Picture of Ragnhild Johnsrud Johnsrud, Ragnhild Student and Academic Administration, Student guidance, Examination, Courses, Admissions
Picture of Mette Kalager Kalager, Mette Associate Professor Nordic, USA
Picture of Michal Filip Kaminski Kaminski, Michal Filip Researcher
Karlsen, Heidi Marie Researcher +47-22850687
Picture of Jonas Minet Kinge Kinge, Jonas Minet Associate Professor