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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Per Nortvedt Nortvedt, Per Professor +47-22844646 92088324 Selected publications
Norvoll, Reidun
Picture of Gunhild Nyborg Nyborg, Gunhild Researcher +47-22850538
Picture of Magne Nylenna Nylenna, Magne Professor II +47-22850532
Picture of Gro Næss Næss, Gro
Picture of Øyvind Næss Næss, Øyvind Associate Professor +47-22850663
Picture of Marthe-Lise Næss-Andresen Næss-Andresen, Marthe-Lise Doctoral Research Fellow
Nøkleby, Kjersti Researcher
Picture of Camilla Beck Olsen Olsen, Camilla Beck Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Sofia E. Gustafsson Olsen Olsen, Sofia E. Gustafsson Adviser +47-22844688
Olsvold, Aina +47-22858933
Picture of Tone Kristin Omsland Omsland, Tone Kristin Associate Professor +47-22850606
Picture of Randi Opheim Opheim, Randi Associate Professor
Picture of Trygve Ottersen Ottersen, Trygve Associate Professor +47-22850537 global health, global health policy, Global South
Picture of Kine Pedersen Pedersen, Kine Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22845277
Picture of Reidar Pedersen Pedersen, Reidar Professor II +47-22844663
Picture of Ruth Jane Prince Prince, Ruth Jane Associate Professor +47-22857590 Social protection, Welfare, Anthropology of the state, Bureaucracy, Citizenship, Biopolitics, Humanitarianism, Medical Anthropology, Development, Historical anthropology, Temporality, Critical Global Health, Toxicology, Waste economies, Postcolonial Science, Postcolonial history
Picture of Kim Rand Rand, Kim Researcher 40220366
Picture of Merita Emini Raza Raza, Merita Emini On Leave Admissions, Student guidance, Courses, Examination
Picture of Lars Roald Roald, Lars Adviser +47-22850502 +47-95844077 Project management, Budget and applications, Project economy, Financial management, Reporting
Picture of Hilde Stendal Robinson Robinson, Hilde Stendal Associate Professor +47-22845394 +47-90607081
Picture of Susan Rockwell Rockwell, Susan Adviser +47-22850507 Human resources administration, Recruitment, Appointments, regulations, HR-system, Absence, Leave of absence, Salary
Picture of Sture Rognstad Rognstad, Sture Lecturer +47-22844694 2244694 +47-95820189 95820189
Picture of Maria Romøren Romøren, Maria Researcher +47-57839000
Picture of Elin Olaug Rosvold Rosvold, Elin Olaug Professor/Head of the Norwegian Research School in General Practice +47 22850586 +47 93265327