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Visiting address Forskningsveien 3A Harald Schjelderups hus 0373 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 1089 Blindern 0318 OSLO

Academic Interests

Apply mathematical modeling methods to evaluate health policy issues related to women’s health. Determine optimal cervical cancer screening strategies in Norway given constrained resources.


  • MPhil 2010, University of Oslo, Department of Health Management and Health Economics
  • BSBA 2006, University of Denver, Daniels School of Business


  • The Norwegian Knowledge Centre for Health Services
  • Norwegian Cancer Registry
  • Harvard Center for Decision Sciences
Tags: USA


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  • Burger, Emily; Dyer, Michael; Palefsky, Joel M.; Sy, Stephen; de Pokomandy, Alexandra; Coutlee, François; Silverberg, Michael & Kim, Jane J. (2017). A Natural History Model of Anal Carcinogenesis for High-risk HIV-positive Men: Model Development and Calibration.
  • Burger, Emily; Kim, Jane J.; Sy, Stephen & Castle, Philip E. (2017). Exposing the Insulting Infection: Leveraging Models to Explore the Natural History of HPV Infections.
  • Burger, Emily; Pedersen, Kine; Sy, Stephen; Kristiansen, Ivar Sønbø & Kim, Jane J. (2017). Primary HPV-based Cervical Cancer Screening: Balancing Health Benefits Colposcopy Referrals.
  • Castle, Philip E. & Burger, Emily (2016). Age of HPV vaccination? . Lancet. Infectious diseases (Print).  ISSN 1473-3099.  16(10), s 1091- 1093 . doi: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/S1473-3099(16)30144-X
  • Pedersen, Kine; Burger, Emily; Sy, Stephen; Kristiansen, Ivar Sønbø & Kim, Jane J. (2016). Cost-effective management of women with minor cervical lesions: Revisiting the application of HPV DNA testing.
  • Burger, Emily; Castle, P & Kim, Jane J (2015). The Optimal Age for Vaccinated Women to Initiate Cervical Cancer Screening in the United States.
  • Burger, Emily; Lee, Kyueun & Kim, Jane J. (2015). Racial and Ethnic Disparities in HPV-related Cancer Incidence and Mortality with First- and Second-generation HPV Vaccines in the United States.
  • Pedersen, Kine; Burger, Emily; Campbell, Suzanne; Nygård, Mari & Lönnberg, Stefan (2015). Risk of cervical cancer by screening intensity: A registry-based analysis.
  • Pedersen, Kine; Sørbye, Sveinung Wergeland; Burger, Emily; Lönnberg, Stefan & Kristiansen, Ivar Sønbø (2015). Quantifying benefits and harms in cervical cancer screening: A decision analytic approach.
  • Pedersen, Kine; Sørbye, Sveinung Wergeland; Kristiansen, Ivar Sønbø & Burger, Emily (2015). Novel Biomarkers to Triage Women with Minor Cervical Lesions: Quantifying the Cost-Effectiveness Tradeoffs to Ensure Feasible Implementation..
  • Sørbye, Sveinung Wergeland; Sæterdal, Ingvil Von Mehren; Hansen, Bo Terning; Nygård, Mari & Burger, Emily (2015, 14. desember). Vurderer på nytt å hpv-vaksinere gutter . [Internett].  Sykepleien.
  • Pedersen, Kine; Sørbye, Sveinung Wergeland; Lönnberg, Stefan; Burger, Emily & Kristiansen, Ivar Sønbø (2014). Trade-offs in cervial cancer screening - Balancing detected cancer precursors and resource use .
  • Sørbye, Sveinung Wergeland; Burger, Emily; Eide, Maj Liv; Iversen, Ole-Erik & Jørstad, Rolf Gunnar (2014, 25. september). Feiltolkninger koster tjue liv i året .  Avisa Nordland.

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