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Visiting address Forskningsveien 3A Harald Schjelderups hus 0373 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 1089 Blindern 0317 OSLO

Areas of interest revolve around use of best current evidence at the point of care within the context of evidence-based medicine and shared decision making.

Dr.Vandvik is spending most of his time heading a wonderful team of colleagues in the MAGIC research and innovation program aiming to provide clinicians and patients with trustworthy evidence summaries, guidelines and decision aids at the point of care. Supported by a career research grant from Helse Sør-Øst RHF and several innovation grants this work includes the MAGIC authoring and publication platform and innovative solutions for decision aids and integrating guidelines in the electronic medical record linked to patient specific data. Dr.Vandvik is also a recognized teacher in evidence-based medicine and guideline methodology for clinicians and decision-makers in health care. He is a devoted member of the GRADE working group and G-I-N Board of Trustees.

Per Olav Vandvik is also researcher at the Norwegian Knowledge Centre for the Health Services in Oslo and career grant researcher and acting consultant affiliated with the Department of Medicine, Innlandet Hospital Trust-Gjøvik, Norway.


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  • Bretthauer, Michael; Vandvik, Per Olav; Skjeldestad, Finn Egil; Frich, Jan C; de Lange, Thomas & Løberg, Magnus (2017). Ny spesialistutdanning for leger – fra sveitserost til kraftkar?. Tidsskrift for Den norske legeforening.  ISSN 0029-2001.  137(17), s 1270- 1271 . doi: 10.4045/tidsskr.17.0637

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