Participants in Centre for Global Health: Contemporary history and anthropology

Name Phone E-mail Tags
Christoph Gradmann Professor +47-22850615 Medical History, Global Health, Antibiotic Resistance, Infectious diseases
Anne-Lise Middelthon Professor +47-22850591 Global South
Heidi Fjeld Associate Professor +47-22850603 Global South, India
Kåre Moen Associate Professor +47-22850599 +47-90923780 (mob) Global South
Katerini Storeng Associate Professor +47-22858883 Global health, anthropology, governance, Africa, Global South, Burkina Faso
Sunniva Engh Associate Professor +47-22856269 History
Benedikte Victoria Lindskog Associate Professor +47-22850596 Global South
Torunn Arntsen Sajjad Global South
Vilde Fastvold Thorbjørnsen Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22845167 Global South
Christina Brux Mburu Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22850613 Global South
Ruth Jane Prince Associate Professor +47-22857590 Historical anthropology, Social protection, Temporality, Welfare, Humanitarianism, Critical Global Health, Toxicology, Medical Anthropology, Citizenship, Waste economies, Biopolitics, Development, Anthropology of the state, Postcolonial Science, Bureaucracy, Postcolonial history
Carolina Borges Rau Steuernagel Doctoral Research Fellow
Paul Wenzel Geissler Professor +47-22857579 Anthropology of science, postcolonial science studies, Medical Anthropology, Social change, Historical anthropology, Temporality, Africa, Kenya, Tanzania
Hanneke Pot Student Global Health, Africa, Sexual reproductive and maternal health, Global South, Malawi
Seydou Drabo Student
Sidsel Roalkvam Centre Director +47-22858796 Global Health, Africa, Asia, India, Global South, Malawi
Anne Helene Kveim Lie Associate Professor +47-22850607 +47 45471011
Carl Tollef Solberg Psychiatry, Bioethics, Health Priorities, Medical Ethics, Global Health, Badness of Death