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Body and function (BODYFUNC)

The research group has broad approaches to the understanding of, and research on, body movement and function. From different perspectives the group is trying to understand various phenomena, underlying mechanisms, prognostic factors, functional impact and clinical aspects of different medical conditions.

About the group

About the research group

The group members have various educational backgrounds, such as physiotherapy, nursing, chiropractic and physiology. This diversity in background is reflected in both the thematic variations and the different methodologies used in the projects from the group members.

How various conditions affect function and can be prevented, what can improve recovery as well as what it means to have or live with different health problems is within our interests. The research group is significantly interested in exploring how the phenomena of interest can be examined and understood from different perspectives.

Research interests

  • Mapping/exploring
    • Characteristics/mechanisms/diagnoses
    • To live with – and have – experiences
    • Function
  • Treatment and trajectories
    • Effect
    • Experiences, - patient and therapist perspectives
    • Influencing terms
  • Usable methods for research and clinical purposes
    • Develop and explore different methods and instruments for mapping and examining function, treatment and trajectories


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