MPhil Research Projects in International Community Health

Masterstudents and their research projects from 1998 to 2013.




Al-Sabbah, Haleama Hasan 1998-2000 Palestine Diabetes self-management in rural community, Palestine
Gebremedhin, Senait Tekola 1998-2000 Ethiopia Weaning practice, Enset culture and malnutrition in Southern Ethiopia
Hordvei, Signe 1998-2002 Indonesia Study of children with visual impairment
Issa, Yaser Yones Salman 1998-2000 Palestine Exposure to pesticides and occupational exposure to pesticides among farmers in Palestine
Jacobus, Aileen 1998-2000 Zimbabwe Infertility in Zimbabwe
Johnsen, Nils Ludvig 1998-2005 Norge Screening for tuberculosis in asylum seekers
Mbizivo, Elisabeth 1998-2000 Zimbabwe Women and STI/HIV in Zimbabwe
Msuya, Sia Emmanueli 1998-2000 Tanzania Reproductive tract infections and HIV among women in Moshi, Tanzania
Ndongmo, Clement B 1998-2000 Cameroon Epidemiological and molecular characteristics of HIV Infection in Cameroon
Quandrud, Sarah Elisabeth 1998-2001 South Africa Acceptability of voluntary counselling and saliva testing among pregnant women in Manweng area, South Africa
Storla, Dag Gundersen 1998-2002 Norge The SMNB community health project - Impact on people's beliefs and practises regarding health and disease.
Yugu, Monica Pitta 1998-2000 Sudan Tuberculosis therapy for internally displaced people: Factors affecting treatment results in sputum positive patients living in save settlement camps in Khartoum
Agizew, Tefera Belachew 1999-2001 Ethiopia Client satisfaction, primary health care and utilization of health services in Sidama district, Southern Ethiopia
Eriksen, Hanne-Merete 1999-2001 Tanzania Surgical site infection at Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre, Tanzania
Fjær, Ranveig 1999 – 2007 Norge Primary health care in disasters, improvements in disasters, preparedness and intervention
Jani, Jagrati Vinodrai 1999-2001 Mozambique Identification of factors associated with vaccination uptake and missed opportunities for immunisation in children less than two years old in Magude District, Mozambique
Kebalepile, Tapiwa 1999-2001 Botswana Post Partum care in Botswana
Keshavji, Isabel Inacio 1999-2002 Mozambique Persistent diarrhoea in Mozambican children - A study of risk factors for development of persistent diarrhoea in children aged 6 to 23 months, in Magude district, Mozambique
Manneh, Fandinding 1999-2001 Gambia Post Partum care in Gambia
Mdizi, Nicholas 1999-2001 Zimbabwe Assessment of eosinophil cationic protein as a possible diagnostic marker for female genital schistosomiasis
Nasambu, Rebecca Acen 1999-2001 Uganda Obstetric Care at Mbale Regional Hospital, Uganda
Ndenzako, Fabian 1999-2001 Tanzania Men's involvement in Family Planning in Tanzania
Nyagawa, Daniel R.  1999-2001 Tanzania The impact of health and nutritional training on anaemia in rural Tanzania
Retterholt, Anne Johanne 1999-2001 Palestine The participation of Children with disabilities
Thapa, Suraj 1999-2001 Nepal Psychiatric disability among Bhutanese Refugees and their Perception of Mental Illness and Disability
Touongoussova, Olga 1999-2001 Russia Determination of risk factors for the development of tuberculosis with drug-risistand strains of Mycobacetrium tuberculosis in the arkhangelsk oblast, Russia.
Tran Ngoc, -vab Phuc 1999-2001 Vietnam The prevalence of TB suspects and assessment of health care needs in TB control at a commune of Vietnam
Al-Frookh, Ayman Khaleel 2000-2002 Palestine Solvent exposure, related work practice and self-reported health problems among car painters in workshops at Hebron City, Palestine
Ali, Muna Obied 2000-2002 Sudan Determination of the prevalence of tuberculosis with drug-resistant strains of Mycobacterium tuberculosis in Khartoum, Gazira and camps for displaced people, Sudan
Atlaw, Zelalem Belete 2000-2002 Ethiopia Men's involvement in Female Genital Mutilation in Ethiopia
Bah, Sékou 2000-2002 Mali Knowledge and practice of herb-herb and herb-conventional drug interactions among traditional practitioners in Bamako, Mali
Belfon, Simone 2000-2002 Trinidad& Tobago Is the support system for HIV positive young women in Trinidad and Tobago consistent with their needs?
Bergsaker, Marianne 2000-2003 Norge An attempt to define the aetiology of bacterial meningitis in West Nepal
Chambo, Omari Yahaya 2000-2002 Tanzania Preventive actions against malaria - a study of factors influencing the use and re-impregnation of bed nets in highland villages in Tanzania
Gebre, Negussie,  Endayelalu 2000-2002 Ethiopia Drug resistance in M. tuberculosis in Hosanna, Ethiopia
Goth, Ursula-G.  2000-2003 Østerrike/Norge Self perceived working situation for immigrants and refugees working in Norway during the integration process
Halwindi, Hikabasa 2000-2002 Zambia Community perspective of intestinal nematodes: implications for control.
Itshekeng, Edwin 2000-2002 Botswana Knowledge on HIV and Condom use in school adolescent in Botswana
Jilleh, Claire 2000-2002 Palestine The interaction between health service providers and patients with diabetes type2 in Palestine
Muhammad, Abdur Rahim 2000-2002 Bangladesh Diabetes in Bangladesh: prevalence and determinants
Nyombi, Balthazar Rugaitika 2000-2002 Tanzania Evolution of HIV-1 in northern Tanzania: A retrospective study
Ren, ZhenGong, 2000-2002 China The life and health status of urban elderly people in Beijing, China
Sagbakken, Mette 2000-2002 Ethiopia From the users perspectives in an urban tuberculosis control
Sun, Ji Yuan 2000-2002 China The Current Status of Self-Management of Type 2  Diabetic People in Beijing.
Tessema Zeweditu 2000-2002 Ethiopia Couple's communication on family planning use in Ethiopia
Zyed, Hammad, R, 2000-2002 Norway Life style factors associated with diabetes type 2 in Pakistan immigrants living in Oslo.
Abudayya, Abdallah 2001-2003 Palestine Nutritional Status and Lifestyle among School Adolescents in Gaza Strip
Baluka, Jennifer, 2001-2003 Uganda A Study to Assess the Impact of Decentralisation on Immunization Services/Coverage
Buer, Edle Fuglset 2001-2003 Norge Malnutrition among Children in Madagascar: A study on Knowledge and Child rearing practices.
Cham, Mamady 2001-2003 Gambia Maternal mortality in the Gambia: Contributing factors and what can be done to reduce them
Chowdhury, Nahid 2001-2003 Bangladesh Impact of primary care providers and other factors contributing to incomplete immunization among children 18-24 months of age in a slum area in urban Bangladesh.
Dawes, Twinkle 2001-2006 Norge Socio-cultural perceptions and practices of dietary choices with focus on fat intake in middle aged Pakistani women in Oslo – a qualitative study
Grjibovski, Andrei 2001-2003 Russia Socio-Demographic Determinants of Birth Weight and Ponderal Index in an Urban Russian Setting
Jahanlu, Hamid Reza 2001-2003 Iran Psycho-Social Rehabilitation of Landmine Victims in Cambodia
Kamaleri, Yusman 2001-2003 Malaya/ Norge Psychological Distress and Musculoskeletal Pain: Results of a Population-based Prospective Study Results of a Population-based Prospective Study
Kay Keo, Akkhamountry 2001-2003 Laos The Increasing Susceptibility of Adolescents to HIV Infection in Lao People's Democratic Republic
Maule-Nkhwalume, Ludo 2001-2003 Botswana Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission (PMTCT) of HIV in North-Eastern Botswana: Clients and Healthworkers' Perspective
Moyo, Alla 2001-2003 Botswana HIV/AIDS related Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices among Basarwa Adolescents attending School in Ghantsi, Botswana
Odei, Gloria Adobea 2001-2003 Ghana HIV-Infected Mothers' choice and Perceptions of Feeding Methods for their Infants: A Qualitative Study Conducted in Atua and Agomanya in the Manya Krobo District of Ghana
Pradhan, Rina 2001-2003 Nepal Pneumonia Perceptions and Management: A Focused Ethnographic Study in Rural Area of Lalitpur, Nepal
Shi, Zumin 2001-2003 China The Nutritional Status and Health Related Behaviour of School Adolescents in Jiangsu Province China A Cross-Sectional Study, 2002
Talukder, Shahim 2001-2003 Bangladesh Day to Day Variability of Different Diagnostic Criteria Among the Newly Diagnosed Type Two Diabetic Patients in Bangladesh.
Tran, Hoang Huy 2001-2003 Vietnam Risk factors associated with typhoid fever in Northern Viet Nam
Wohoosh, Mahmod 2001-2003 Palestina Prevention of accidental Occupational exposure to hepatitis B among medical personnel. A study from Hebron Governmental Hospital, Hebron, Palestine
Wondim, Tadesse 2001-2003 Ethiopia Contamination of Water and Vegetables in Akaki and Mekansa Areas of Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: Microbiological, Observational and Qualitative Study
Abdel Rahim, Mohammed 2002-2004 Bangladesh Delay in the Diagnosis and Treatment of New Smear-Positive Pulmonary Tuberculosis in Khartoum State, Sudan;  Patient's or Health System Phenomenon?
Ali, Rumana 2002-2004 Bangladesh Characteristics of the T2DM patients with and without microalbuminuria in Bangladesh.
Besa, Eustina 2002-2004 Zambia Options and Constraints for Breastfeeding in the Context of HIV. A study of Parents Perspective in Lusaka and Kitwe Districts, Zambia
Biswas, Ruhina 2003-2006 Bangladesh Risk factors and pregnancy outcomes among gestational diabetic mothers. A hospital based study in Bangladesh
Chipeta, Sikhona 2002-2004 Malawi Environmental, Demographic and Socioeconomic Factors affecting Diarrhoeal Morbidity in Children under five: A Study of Solola-Mzimba, Malawi.
Helland, Ylva 2002-2004 Norge Sexuality and HIV in Context: A qualitative study among public school youth in Salvador, Brazil.
Horst, Bentele 2002-2005 Norge Households constellations and orphants due to HIV/AIDS in Tanzania
Kebede, Meselu 2002-2004 Ethiopia Moral dilemmas and gender scripts: A qualitative study among Ethiopian women living with HIV/AIDS
Kilembe, Franklin 2002-2004 Malawi Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy: Prevalence, Maternal Complications and Perinatal Outcomes at Lilongwe Central Hospital, Malawi
Kloumann, Mette 2002- Norge  
Kurewa, Edith 2002-2004 Zimbabwe Quality of Life and Coping Styles of HIV Positive compared to HIV Negative Women in Zimbabwe Participating in the Prevention of Mother to Child Transmission of HIV Program
Maganga, Rachel 2002-2004 Malawi Pneumonia Case Fatality Rate in Children Under-five: Understanding Variations in District Hospitals in Malawi
Munjoma, Marshall 2002-2004 Zimbabwe Simple Method for the Diagnosis of Bacterial Vaginosis in Pregnant Women
Nkubito, Grace 2002-2004 Uganda Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy, Complications and Obstetric Outcome at Princess Marina Hospital, Gaborone, Botswana
Rygh, Jens 2002-2010 Norge Diagnostic delay and awareness of tuberculosis among patients and health personnel in Norway
Semguruka, Elizabeth 2002-2004 Tanzania Living with HIV/AIDS; Women's Perspectives regarding Care/Support provided in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania.
Shrestha, Sumitra 2002-2004 Nepal A study on Mobility and Sexually Transmitted Diseases\HIV\AIDS  Risk among the Mountain Community of Mustang District, Nepal
Tiruneh, Yordanos 2002-2004 Ethiopia Beyond knowledge: Patterns of sexuality and correlates of high-risk behaviour among urban youth in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Turnip, Sherly 2002-2004 Indonesia Time Perspective related to Mental Health among IDP Adolescent  in Indonesia
Yimer, Solomon 2002-2004 Ethiopia Patients' and health systems' delay in the diagnosis of Pulmonary Tuberculosis in North Western Ethiopia
Zhang, Jinming 2002-2004 China Survey of the Needs of and Services for Persons with Physical Disability in China
Braaten, Stine 2003-2005 Norge Albinism in Malawi
Evensen, Anne-Liv 2003-2005 Norge Health Service Delivery in the Era of GAVI support: The case of Uganda
Guta, Yonas 2003-2005 Ethiopia Where is the change of behaviour? Assessment on the integrated early school adolescents' sexual and reproductive health (HIV/AIDS) education
Jammeh, Abdou 2003-2005 Gambia Acceptability of Voluntary Counselling and Testing for HIV among pregnant Women in Western Health Division, The Gambia.
Kamudoni, Penjani 2003- Malawi A study in Mangochi Township and Lungwena rural community
Larsen, Siv Kristin 2003-2005 Norge Migration and adolescent mental health in Thailand. Self-reported mental health among ethnic Mon and Karen adolescents in relation to migration status, ethnic identity, acculturation, social support and coping
Leyna, Germana 2003-2005 Tanzania Food insecurity: Associated factors nutritional and health related outcomes  in a rural village, North-East Tanzania
Martinez, Priscilla 2003-2005 USA Psychosocial factors and the receipt of antiretroviral therapy in southwest Uganda
Mmbaga, Elia John 2003-2005 Tanzania Incidence of HIV-1 infections and change in STI's and risk sexual behaviours in Northern Tanzania: A longitudinal study.
Ngo, Cuong Tuan 2003-2005 Vietnam The Prevalence and Risk Factors in Associated to Antibiotic Resistance of Bacteria from Diarrhoeal Patients in Bac Ninh Hospital Northern Viet Nam
Nyirenda, Alick 2003-2005 Zambia Medical Pluralism in Zambia: Options for health-seeking or increased dilemmas for People Living with HIV/AIDS. A Qualitative Study in 4 Districts
Næss, Dagne 2003-2007 Norge Nurses, Asylum-Seekers and Mental Health A qualitative enquiery of nurses’ experiences
Obeid, Imad 2003-2005 Sudan Drug Resistance among Tuberculosis Re-Treatment Cases; Study on Drug Resistance/ Multi-drug Resistance and Associated Risk Factors for Developing MDR Among Tuberculosis Re-Treatment Cases in Khartoum State.
Odong, Jacob 2003-2005 Uganda Abortion in a rural setting in Uganda: Morbidity,mortality and management
Stålkrantz, Jeanette 2003-2006 V Norge Contributing factors for undernutrition in children admitted to Nutrition Rehabilitation Units (NRUs) in Malawi
Yang, Fang 2003-2005 China Vulnerability to HIV Transmission among Mobile Rural Workers compared to Local Residents in Beijing, a Cross-sectional Study
Zong, Yang 2003-2005 Tibet Asthma and Asthma Related-Symptoms in School Children Living in Rural Tibet
Aagaard, Marianne 2004-2005 Norge  
Abreu, Mirian 2004-2005 Brasil  
AlMumbarak, Renas 2004-2006 Sudan Pneumonia Case Management in Children Under-Five: A Study in First Referral Hospitals in Khartoum, Sudan
Albert, Michael 2004-2006 Canada Factors influencing the utilization of research findings by health policy-makers in a developing country: a case study of Mali's essential medicines list
Bianba, X 2004-2006 H Tibet/China Exercise capacity, arterial oxygen saturation, haemoglobin concentration, and physical activity. A cross-sedtional study of selected factors associated with the adaptation to high altitude, a comparison of 9-10 year old native Tibetan and Chinese immigrants in Lhasa, Tibet.
Bjørkhaug, Ingunn 2004-2006 (2007) Norge Health seeking behaviour and access to health care among children and youth involved in diamond-mining in Kono District, Sierra Leone
Bui, Viet Hung    Vietnam The most common causes of and risk factors for diarrhea among children less than five years of age admitted to Dong Anh Hospital, Hanoi, Northern Vietnam
Chikonde, Jacqueline Rose 2004-2006 Malawi Pregnant women, HIV and Compliance with Follow-up care in the prevention of mother-to-child HIV transmission (PMTCT) program: Lilongwe-Malawi
Du, Quing 2004-2006 China Maternal Mortality in Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region and   Jilin Province, China
Lahiry, Suman 2004-2006 Bangladesh Cost of Diabetes care in the Out-patient Department of A tertiary Care Hospital in Bangladesh
Lufesi, Norman 2004-2006 Malawi Factors contributing to essential medicines shortage at the health centre level in Lilongwe District, Malawi
Masemola, Mpole Samuel 2004-2006 South Africa The Levels and Understanding of HIV/AIDS Knowledge among Grade 9 Learners in Mankweng, Polokwane, South Africa"
Mohammed Ammar Salih 2004-2006 Sudan Delay of diagnosis and treatment of new smear positive pulmonary TB in rural area, Gaziera State, Sudan
Muderedzi, Jennifer 2004-2006 Zimbabwe Coping behaviours of families of pre-school children with disabilities:  A cultural perspective from Zimbabwe
Mwale, Sarah 2004-2006 Malawi The Experiences of People Living with HIV/AIDS Receiving Health Care Services at Lighthouse Clinic, Lilongwe, Malawi. A contribution to an understanding of the basis of HIV/AIDS related stigma
Nguyen Dong Tu  2004-2006 Vietnam Risk factors associated with diarrhoeal disease and diarrheagenic E.coli disease in Duc Giang Hospital, north-eastern corner of Ha Noi, Viet Nam
Sango, Wicklif Sospeter 2004-2006 Tanzania Ngao Follow up Survey 2005. Primary school pupils in the era of HIV/AIDS, Tanzania
Sherpa, Ang Tshering 2004-2007 Nepal Time for an organized cervicalcancer screening in Bharatpur, Nepal
Tennakoon,  Sampath 2004-2006 Sri Lanka Cardiovascular Risk Factors in Urban Tamils in Central Province of Sri Lanka: A community-based study
Thorsen, Viva Combs 2004-2006 USA HIV-related stigmatization: Experiences from women enrolled in a  mother-to-child transmission of HIV prevention program in Malawi
Uriyo, Jacqueline Gilbert 2004-2006 Tanzania Neurodevelopmental Outcomes Among Infants Born toMothers with a known HIV Status.
Arntsen, Heidi 2005-2007 Norge Investigation into plasma levels in selenium and glutathione in smear-positive adult tuberculosis patients and healthy controls in the Mangochi district, Malawi
Baranov, Anton 2005-2007 Russia Current tuberculosis epidemic in the North-western federal region of Russia: drug resistance, molecular epidemiology and risk factor analysis
Ciren, Yangzong 2005-2007 Tibet BCG coverage and factors affecting the immunizationstatus among children under the age of two years in rural and semi-rural Lhasa, Tibet
Deji, xx 2005-2007 Tibet The prevalence of cardiovascular risk factors in 30-70 years old citizens of Lhasa, Tibet. A cross sectional epidemiology study
Donnellan, Patricia 2005-2006 USA tok kun 1. året
Durand, Kevin 2005-2008 USA Associations between ambient air pollutants and serum Clara cell protein concentrations among elderly men in Oslo, Norway
Eick, Frod 2005-2007 Norge Food Intake of Selenium and Sulphur AminoAcids in Tuberculosis Patients and Healthy Adults in Malawi
Fausiah, Fitri 2005-2007 Indonesia Mental Health and the Sense of Coherence Among Internally Displaced Person (IDP) adolescents in Ambon Island, Indonesia
Gunda, Andrews 2005-2007 Malawi Undernutrition and related risk factors among underfive children in Lungwena, Mangochi District, Southern Malawi
Hydrie, M. Zafar 2005-2007 Pakistan Metabolic Syndrome and Insulin Resistance in Pakistan: a population based study in adults 25 years and above in Karac
Jallow, Anna 2005-2007 Gambia Why are there low institutional delivery rates in the Gambia? Women’s opinion
Juma, James 2005-2007 Tanzania Qualitative Process Evaluation of a Community-based HIV and AIDS Intervention among dolescents in Northern Tanzania: Experiences from Community Organization. A study from the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, East Africa
Khalfani, Hafsa 2005-2007 Tanzania Trends in condom awareness, perceived accessibility and use among school children in Kahe wards, Kilimanjaro Tanzania 2001-2006
Mwakatobe, Kisa 2005-2007 Tanzania Use of HIV/AIDS counseling and testing services among young pople in Tanzania: A case study of Kinondoni district
Mørkrid, Kjersti 2005-2007 Norge The prevalence of and risk factors for diabetic peripheral neuropathy among type 2 diabetic outpatients in Bangladesh
Oballa, Oceanic 2005-2007 Kenya Experiences and perceptions of youth towards HIV/AIDS prevention campaigns in Kibera slums: Nairobi Kenya
Pham, Trung 2005-2007 Vietnam Distribution of Mycobacterium tuberculosis lineages overview in Northern - Vietnam
Rivenes, Sara 2005-2007 Norge Getting it right? Women’s reproductive health and health services in Darfur, Sudan. A qualitative study
Sangho, Fanta 2005-2007 Mali Antiretrovirall drugs accessibility to HIV/AIDS patients in Bamako, Mali (West Africa)
Sanjobo, Nawa 2005-2007 Zambia Adherence to antiretroviral treatment in Zambia: A qualitative study of patients and health professionals’ view
Al-Said, Said Salaheldin 2006-2010 Norge/Sudan  The Health Information System in Sudan
Chodzaza, Elizabeth 2006-2008 Malawi Quality of care rendered to women with major obstetric complications in Mwanza district, Southern Malawi
Eie, Ellen 2006-2008 Norge Vaccine introduction at country level; a case study in Malawi
Engen, Grace 2006-2008 Norge The psychosocial predictors of  psychological distress and life satisfaction in a cohort of Norwegian students.
Gele, Abdi 2006-2008 Norge Socio-cultural Attributes in the Management and Control of Tuberculosis among Somali Pastoralist Communities in Somali Regional State of Ethiopia
Gondwe, Austrida 2006-2008 Malawi Reaching adolescents in rural areas: Exploratory study on factors contributing to low utilisation of family planning services among adolescents in Mangochi district – Malawi
Gonggalanzi, xx 2006-2008 Tibet The lung function, hemoglobin concentration and arterial oxygen saturation among 9-10 year old native Tibetan and Han Chinese children living at 3700 meters and 4300 meters above sea level in Tibet
Homer, Alison 2006-2008 Canada Psychosocial predictors of HIV/AIDS risk behaviors in Nepalese street youth
Jeng, Baba 2006-2008 Gambia Practices and Quality of Intrapartum Care in The Main Referral Hospial of The Gambia
Kandawasvika, Gwendoline 2006-2008 Zimbabwe Neurodevelopmental outcomes at preschool age: A 5 year follow up study of a cohort born to mothers participating in the PMTCT program in Harare, Zimbabwe
Løchting, Laila 2006-2008 Norge The price to pay for maternal health care in rural Gambia
Majadibody, Ditiro 2006-2008 Botswana Disability, Sexuality and Viral Citizenship in the Context of HIV/AIDS in Francistown: Botswana
Mangalam, Francis Xavier 2006-2008 Malaysai The reduction of dengue in the district of Manjung, the state of Perak , Malaysia ,  2003 - 2006. Possible influence of  meteorological and entomological parameters
Mbanya, Vivian 2006-2008 Cameroon Type 2 diabetes and its association with lifestyle factors
Moloney, James . 2006-2008 Australlia Facilitation of the community medicine distributor programme at the local level: Perspectives of health workers, community members and community medicine distributors
Muzaffar, Farzana 2006-2008 Pakistan To Observe Implementation of American Diabetes Association (ADA) Guidelines for Care of Type 2 Diabetics at Peripheral Diabetes Clinics (PDCs) in Pakistan.
Nettansinghe, Saraath 2006-2008 Sri Lanka Diabetes and Depression: A comparative study in tsunami effected and non effected population in Sri Lanka
Sjøveian, Solbjør 2006-2009 Norge Gynaecological Fistula in the DR Congo
Taha, Wafaa 2006-2009 Sudan  Etiological Agents Caused Pneumonia, Among Children Aged 2 month- 5years; Admitted in Paediatric Hospitals in Khartoum State, Sudan.
Zuo, Hui 2006-2008 China Diabetes and Metabolic Syndrome in Middle-aged and Elderly Adults: a Population-based Study in Jiangsu Province, China
Abebe, Dawit 2007-2009 Ethiopia Prevalence and Associated Risk Factors of Pulmonary Tuberculosis among Prisoners in Eastern Ethiopia: An Active Screening Study.
Akhter, Afroza 2007-2009 Bangladesh Diabetes Mellitus and Retinopathy in Rural Bangladesh: A Population-based Study
Bertoli, Adrian 2007-2009 Canada A Cultural Account of Organ Transplantation in Ontario, Canada
Do, Thi Quynh 2007-2009 Vietnam Risk factors for tuberculous infection among child contacts of  pulmonary tuberculosis cases
Eltigany, Mai Mohammad 2007-2009 Sudan  Why don’t patients attend the asthma clinic? A primary non-adherence study in Omdurman hospital, Sudan
French, Steve 2007-2009 Philippines The Association between Musculoskeletal Pain and Psychological Distress among the five immigrant groups: Results of a cross-sectional study in Oslo, Norway
Gebre-Mariam, Mekdes 2007-2009 Ethiopia Adherence to treatment of tuberculosis in patients with TB/HIV co-infection on concomitant treatment in Addis-Abeba, Ethiopa
Hafskjold, Benedicte 2007-2009 Norge Health behaviour among female migrant sex workers in Oslo, Norway
Holm, Nina 2007-2009 Norge Tuberculosis patients' experiences of participating in a DOTS program in the Copperbelt
Holstvoll, Hildegunn 2007-2009 Norge Experiences and reflections from a lifestyle intervention to prevent diabetes among women with Pakistani background in Oslo, Norway. A qualitative study.
Holte, Jon 2007-2010 Norge  Decision Making for Childhood Vaccinations; an Economic Approach to Explaining Demand for Vaccinations in Mphuka and Bwumve Traditional Authorities, Malawi
Jørgensen, Kaja 2007-2009 Norge Access to and Utilization of Health Care for Young Homeless Mothers in Durban, South Africa
Kaur, Manmeet 2007-2009 India Marriage, Sex and Reproduction: Manifestations of early marriage in the lives of young women in Shivgarh, India.
Ma, Yi 2007-2009 China  Evaluation of the National Maternal and Child Health Surveillance system and Application of the Standard WHO Verbal Autopsy Questionnaires for Infant Mortality in Guizhou, China
Mkwanazi, Dumo 2007-2009 South Africa Rapid Cessation of Exclusive Breastfeeding in Durban, South Africa: A Qualitative Assessment of the Experiences of HIV-infected Mothers and the Perspectives of Their Counselors’ and Close Social Networks
Nemer, Maysaa 2007-2009 Palestine Lung function, Respiratory Symptoms, Skin Problems and Chemical Exposures – A Cross-sectional Occupational Health Study among Female Hairdressers in Hebron City, Palestine
Tebelo, Endeshaw 2007-2010 Ethiopia Assessing the economic Impact of HIV/AIDS on Households in Adama, Ethiopia
Ziyada, Mai Mahgoub 2007-2010 Sudan Exploring tuberculosis Related Stigma in Khartoum-Sudan: A qualitative study
Ames, Heather  2008-2011 Canada Is the choice to vaccinate informed? A qualitative study on information exchange in the vaccination encounter in Thaka, Bangladesh
Atanga, Patience 2008-2010 Ghana Factors contributing to the utilization and non-utilization of Institutional Delivery  in the fee-free setting of the Bolgatanga Municipality, Ghana: Interviews with mothers and midwives
Farah, Sameir K. Sayyed 2008-2010 Sudan Challenges and Opportunities of Integrating Primary Health Care Information System: Northern State, Sudan
Gjellestad, Marianne 2008-2010 Norge Child birth in rural India: From home births to incentive-based institutional deliveries. A qualitative study on experiences and perspectives in Uttar Pradesh
Haile, Wolela 2008-2011 Norge Immigrant Women Living with HIV: Communication with healthcare Providers  and the Role of Interpreters on Accessing Healthcare Services in Norway
Heen, Espen 2008-2012 Norge Iodine and Fluid Metabolism in Somali Women.A Study of non-pregnant women 15-69 years in Hargeisa
Hunsbeth, Janne 2008-2010 Norge Evaluation of a health intervention at Bwaila hospital in Malawi
Jennings, Rose 2008-2010 USA Demographic, Household and Personal Correlates of Fruit and Vegetable Intake for Low-Income, Minority and Adolescents in Austin, TX
Katenga-Kaunda, Lillian 2008-2010 Malawi Utilisation of Skilled attendance for Maternal Health care Services in Northern Malawi: Rural Health Centres perspectives.
Kristiansen, Lisa Høyem 2008-2012 Norge Impact of vaccination with a conjugated meningococcal serogroup.A vaccine, MenAfriVac, on mucosal antibody levels in school children in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso
Kvellestad, Kristine 2008-2012 Norge  
Mengesha, Mulugeta Belay 2008-2010 Ethiopia Diagnostic delay and the potential of two fusion antigens for the diagnosis of Tuberculosis in Northeast Ethiopia
Nahato, Paulina D. 2008-2010 Tanzania Sexuality communication between parents, teachers and young people in Tanzania
Pavlovic, Marija 2008 Serbia Montenegro  
Rishal, Poonam 2008-2010 Nepal "Prevalence of Intimate Partner Violence and its Repercussions on Women's Health in Nepal".
Rodriguez, Annika W. 2008    
Sadowski, Dan 2008-2010 USA An assessment of diabetes care for Latinos living in non-metropolitan Iowa
Secka, Ebba 2008-2010 Gambia Men’s involvement in care and support during pregnancy and childbirth. A qualitative study conducted in The Gambia
Sultana, Shuhana 2008-2010 Bangladesh Prevalence and risk factor of overweight and obesity in  primary school children of Dhaka city
Abedin, Asma 2009-2011 Bangladesh Knowledge, attitudes and practice survey of family planning among South Asian immigrant women in Oslo, Norway
Bregård, Ida 2009- Norge  
Brux Mburu, Christina M 2009-2011 USA Understanding Mental Health in a Context of Violence, Forced displacement, Oppression and Suffering: A Qualitative Analysis of the Mental Health Realities among the Southern Sudanese Migrants of Khartoum
Chigwenembe, Lucy 2009-2011 Malawi Dignity in Maternal Health Service Delivery Cross sectional survey on factors that promote or compromise dignity in maternal health service delivery: Perspectives of Women and Midwives from Southern Malawi
Hauger, Janne Dale 2009-2011 Norge “We expected paradise”: Iraqi immigrants’ perceptions and experiences with healthcare in Norway
Flåterud, Anne 2009- Norge  
Haugum, Mona 2009- Norge Explanatory Models of Mental Distress and Influencing Factors in a Multi-Cultural Setting, Khartoum, Sudan
Kivuyo, Sokoine Lesikari 2009-2011 Tanzania Vitamin D status among HIV infected and HIV/TB co-infected patients attending Haydom Lutheran Hospital, rural Tanzania
Kolbrek, Målfrid 2009-2011 Norge Malnutrition and Associated Risk Factors in Children Aged 6-59 Months in Urban Indonesia
Labasangzhu 2009-2011 Tibet/Kina Acute Mountain Sickness among Tourists in Lhasa, Tibet. A prevalence study.
Lerberg, Priya 2009-2011 Norge Barriers to skilled attendance during childbirth. A survey among mothers in rural Gambia
Magnussen, Hege J.A. 2009-2011 Norge Childhood disability in Rural Zambia: A Qualitative Study on the Use of Health Care Services
Mohamed Salih, Abdalla 2009-2011 Sudan Mapping Pulmonary Tuberculosis in Khartoum State Using Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
Neupane, Sudan Prasad 2009-2011 Nepal “Prevalence and Correlates of Major Depression and Anxiety Disorders among Patients with Alcohol Use Disorders in Nepal”
Niazi, Mehbooba 2009- Afghanistan  
Njie, Baba 2009-2011 Gambia Assessing the costs borne by households for emergency Obstetric care in rural Gambia
Nkhonjera, Patnice 2009- Malawi  
Shero, Kebede Chimdessa 2009-2013 Ethiopia Optimization of cut-off Points of Tuberculin Skin Test in the diagnosis of tuberculosis in Ethiopia
Shoo, Tiransia A. 2009-2011 Tanzania Gender Division of Labour in Food Production and Decision Making Power and Impact on Household Food Security and Child Nutrition in Rural Rukwa, Tanzania
Dammena, Ameha Wudie 2009-2011 Ethiopia Impact of anti-retroviral therapy on the sexual behavior of people living with HIV/AIDS in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia: a qualitative study
Ahmed, Arslan 2010-2012 Pakistan Etiology of Bacterial meningites in Ethiopia, 2007 - 2011: A Retrospective Study
Christia, Mellia 2010-2012 Indonesia Experiences of People affected Merapi Eruption in 2010. A qualitative study conducted in Krinjing Village Indonesia
Haugvik, Severina 2010-2012 Norge Children with Type 1 Diabetes in Tajikistan A qualitative study assessing perceptions of type 1 diabetes and the need for information- and education among affected families in Tajikistan
Ieda, Aiko 2010-2012 Japan Perceptions and behaviors related to family planning in a rural area in the Oromia region, Ethiopia
Inotu, Adolphus 2010-2012 Nigeria Assessment of defaulting from Directly Observed Treatment Short Course  And its determinants in Benin City, Nigeria
Khonje, Margaret 2010-2012 Malawi Use and Documentation of Partograph in Urban Hospitals in Lilongwe – Malawi: Health Workers’ perspective
Lunde, Ingvild Bergom 2010-2012 Norge "Eradicating female genital cutting: Understanding reality conceptions" A study on perceptions of female genital cutting in Hargeisa, Somaliland (Somalia)
Meyer, Ingvild Felling 2010-2013 Norge Health Disparities and "Diabesity" among hispanics in the New York City. Risk indicators for prevalence of obesity among type 2-diabetic Hispanics in NYC linked to socio-economic status, nutritional pattern and physical activity
Niazi, Mehbooba 2010- Afghanistan  
Olsen, Heidi 2010-2013 Norge The potential of Community Based Healthcare in a Community undergoing Societal Transition: the Case of Old Igbo People. A Qualitative Study Conducted in rural Imo State of Nigeria
Pavydyte, Kristina 2010 - Lithuania  
Pradhan, Namrata 2010-2012 Nepal Introduction of disability cards: A study of policy implementation and local experiences of disability in Okhaldhunga VDC, rural Nepal
Saheer, Tennegedara Buhary 2010-2012 Sri Lanka Seasonal Affective Disorder and Associated Factors among Sri Lankan Immigrants living in Oslo.
Sambou, Ngally Aboubacarr 2010-2012 Gambia The Quality of Intra-Partum Care in a Gambian Rural Major Health Centre
Shaikh, Fareeha 2010-2012 Pakistan Maternal health during pregnancy and cardio metabolic status in children at birth. An observational study of expectant mothers and their offspring in Karachi, Pakistan.
Sømod, Synnøve Skjeie 2010 - Norge  
Tesfaye, Mekonnen Aderaw 2010-2012 Ethiopia

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