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The role of Norwegian GPs in sickness absence and sickness certification (completed)

There is at present a lack of scientific data on the actual role of the GPs in initiating and prolonging sickness absence, variations in use of part-time sickness certification etc. in Norway.


The main research question is how to distinguish between GP-factors and population/patient factors in sickness certification at various stages of sickness absence. Other more specific research questions are the causes of the drop in sickness absence between 2003 and 2004 and variations in use of graded sickness certification. PhD student: Lee Winde.


The study will be based on the following data sets: The GP database which has information on the GPs and their patient lists, activity data from the bills from GPs to the Social Insurance Services (NAV) and the FD-trygd database (which includes socio-demographic data and data on the use of social insurance, including all spells of certified sickness absence).

The Study is part of a large, multidisciplinary study at the University of Bergen called “Health, Work and Society”.


The Norwegian Research Council


University of Bergen

Karolinska Institutet

Start - Finish

2009 - 2013

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  • Gunnar Tellnes
  • Sturla Gjesdal
  • Benedicte Carlsen
  • Tor Helge Holmås
  • Astrid Grasdal
  • Øystein Hetlevik
  • John Gunnar Mæland
  • Kjell Haug
  • Lee Winde
  • Kristina Alexanderson
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