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Picture of Bashir Ahmad Hakim Hakim, Bashir Ahmad Senior Engineer +47-22851284 +47-91854716
Hamdani, El Hassan
Picture of Patrik Hansson Hansson, Patrik Doctoral Research Fellow Clinical nutrition, Cardiovascular disease, Nutrition, Inflammation, Molecular nutrition, Biomarkers, Lipids
Picture of Md Mahdi Hasan Hasan, Md Mahdi +47-22851320
Picture of Annicke Stranda Haslestad Haslestad, Annicke Stranda Head Engineer
Haug, Finn-Mogens Smejda Professor Emeritus +47-97746357
Picture of Paul Heggelund Heggelund, Paul +47-22851289 Epilepsy, Brain and nervous system, Vision, Sensory systems, Thalamocortical interaction
Picture of Linda Teigland Helgesen Helgesen, Linda Teigland Head of Office 0047 922 15 890 Organizational development, Management, Activity management, HSE, Administration
Picture of Paul Johannes Helm Helm, Paul Johannes Senior Engineer +47-22851159
Picture of Erlend Hem Hem, Erlend Professor II +47-95730355
Picture of Christine Henriksen Henriksen, Christine Associate Professor +47-22851380 Clinical nutrition, Nutrition
Henriksen, Gjermund Professor II
Picture of Hege Berg Henriksen Henriksen, Hege Berg Adviser +47-22851520
Hertzberg, Tuva Kolstad Lecturer +47-22851023
Himberg-Sundet, Anne Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Anette Hjartåker Hjartåker, Anette Professor +47-22851330 Cancer, Epidemiology, Method development and evaluation, Nutrition, Dietary Research
Hoff, Rune Biostatistics, R-programming, causality
Picture of Per Holck Holck, Per Professor Emeritus +47-22851400 +47-47010720
Holen, Torgeir Researcher +47-22851294
Picture of Kristine Lillebø Holm Holm, Kristine Lillebø Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22851121
Picture of Erik Holt Holt, Erik Senior Engineer +47-22851109 +47-90862438 Fire safety, Purchaser, Health communication, Behaviour, Teleform, AV services, Web publishing
Picture of Kirsten Bjørklund Holven Holven, Kirsten Bjørklund Professor +47-22851361 Inflammation, Nutrition
Picture of Hua Hu Hu, Hua Associate Professor
Picture of Suleman Hussain Hussain, Suleman Lecturer 46644786
Picture of Zsuzsa Huszenicza Huszenicza, Zsuzsa Doctoral Research Fellow SH2 domain, Immunology, TSAd, T cell activation, NMR, Cell Signaling
Picture of Ngoc-Trang Thi Huynh Huynh, Ngoc-Trang Thi Head Engineer +47-22851183
Igland, Eivind Dental Instructor
Picture of Malarvili Inparajan Inparajan, Malarvili Higher Executive Officer +47-22851076
Picture of Per Ole Iversen Iversen, Per Ole Professor +47-22851391 Nutrition
Picture of Lourdes Cotrim Jacobsen Jacobsen, Lourdes Cotrim Higher Executive Officer +47-22851150 office supplies, joint expedition services, purchasing, invoice processing
Picture of Tore Jahnsen Jahnsen, Tore Professor +47-22851061 Protein kinases, Contraceptives, cAMP, Sperm motility
Picture of Rune Bruhn Jakobsen Jakobsen, Rune Bruhn Associate Professor
Jalapothu, Dasaradha
Picture of Vidar Jensen Jensen, Vidar Researcher +47-22851580
Picture of Wendi Jensen Jensen, Wendi Senior Engineer +47-22851304 Cell growth, Molecular biology techniques, Histotechnique, Chromatography
Jermstad, Ingunn Head Engineer
Johansen, Anne Marte Wetting Principal Engineer +47-22851354
Picture of Bjørn Erik Juel Juel, Bjørn Erik Doctoral Research Fellow 93499797 +47 9349 9797
Picture of Sandip Kanse Kanse, Sandip Professor +47-22851464 Coagulation, Heart vascular and lungs, Inflammation, Proteases, Blood and immunology, Atherosclerosis, Cardiovascular disease, Thrombosis, Fibrinolysis
Picture of Kristin Reimers Kardel Kardel, Kristin Reimers Professor Emeritus +47-22851343 Nutrition, Mother and child
Katoozi, Shirin
Picture of Shaista Khan Khan, Shaista Head Engineer +47-22851092
Picture of Prabhat Khanal Khanal, Prabhat Postdoctoral Fellow 92561835 Nutrition, Physiology, Lipid droplets, Metabolic Phenotyping, Fetal programming
Picture of Jeong-Yeon Kim Kim, Jeong-Yeon Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22840226 +47-46211531 46211531
Picture of Lisa Jannicke Kjønigsen Kjønigsen, Lisa Jannicke
Picture of Knut Inge Klepp Klepp, Knut Inge Professor II +47-22851378 +47-95760716
Picture of Arne Klungland Klungland, Arne Professor II +47-23074072 +47-47840305 Life sciences
Picture of Carina V S Knudsen Knudsen, Carina V S Principal Engineer +47-22851490 Photography, Photo, Graphic design, Drawing
Picture of Alvaro Kohn Luque Kohn Luque, Alvaro Researcher +47-22851234 Cancer, Biostatistics, Mathematics, Multi-scale Models, Vascular Morphogenesis, Quantitative Biology, Mathematical Biology, Computational Biology, Mathematical Oncology
Picture of Svein Olav Kolset Kolset, Svein Olav Professor +47-22851383 diabetes and hormones, Glycobiology, Inflammation, Developmentally retarded and health, Nutrition
Picture of Stefan Krauss Krauss, Stefan Professor
Picture of Birgit Kriener Kriener, Birgit Researcher
Picture of Eirik Mohn Kristensen Kristensen, Eirik Mohn Head Engineer +47-22851049 Local IT support
Picture of Anne Lene Kristiansen Kristiansen, Anne Lene Associate Professor +47-22851372 +47-92481021
Picture of Thomas Michel Kuntziger Kuntziger, Thomas Michel Associate Professor +47-22840383
Picture of Torgeir Kvernstuen Kvernstuen, Torgeir Section Manager +47-22851132 90162312
Picture of Anee Karin Lee Lee, Anee Karin 95525515
Picture of Trygve Brauns Leergaard Leergaard, Trygve Brauns Professor +47-22851052 Cerebellum, Neuroanatomy, Brain and nervous system, Basal ganglia, Vasculature and lungs, Neurodegenerative disease models, Diagnostic imaging and intervention, Heart
Picture of Simon Lergenmuller Lergenmuller, Simon Doctoral Research Fellow Biostatistics, Statistics, Epidemiology
Picture of Yuchuan Li Li, Yuchuan Researcher
Picture of Hanne Cathrine Lie Lie, Hanne Cathrine Associate Professor +47-22851466
Picture of Nanna Lien Lien, Nanna Professor +47-22851378 97593816 97 59 38 16 Children and adolescents, Longitudinal studies, Public health nutrition, Nutrition, Behaviour, Social inequalities in health
Picture of Hilde Beate Liudalen Liudalen, Hilde Beate Senior Executive Officer +47-22851020 +47-94825622
Picture of Gunnar Ljunggren Ljunggren, Gunnar Head Engineer +47-22851297 +47-95063126
Picture of Jon Håvard Loge Loge, Jon Håvard Professor II +47-22851139 +47-22851020 +47-98837824 Behaviour, Doctor-patient communication, Cancer, Cancer survivors
Picture of Gunnar Fredrik Lothe Lothe, Gunnar Fredrik Principal Engineer +47-22851285 Drawing, Graphic design, Photo, Photography
Picture of Christin Lucas Lucas, Christin Principal Engineer +47-22851310
Lund, Eivind Gard Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Alf Håkon Lystad Lystad, Alf Håkon Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22840260
Picture of Elin Bjørge Løken Løken, Elin Bjørge +47-22851371
Picture of Petter Laake Laake, Petter Professor Emeritus +47-22851235 Biostatistics
Picture of Elke Maes Maes, Elke Research Assistant Neuroprotection, Histotechnique
Picture of Dipankar Manna Manna, Dipankar Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22851327 45166517 Proteases, Thrombosis, Cardiovascular disease, Atherosclerosis
Martinov, Vladimir Nikolaev Head Engineer +47-22851295
Picture of Benan John Mathai Mathai, Benan John Doctoral Research Fellow
Picture of Jason Matthews Matthews, Jason Professor +47-22851102
Picture of Anine Christine Medin Medin, Anine Christine Researcher +47-22851349 47463893 Dietary assessment method, Nutrition, Dietary Research
Picture of Anneli Mellblom Mellblom, Anneli Postdoctoral Fellow +47-22851115
Moen, Line Victoria +47-22851242
Moen, Marivi Nabong Principal Engineer
Picture of Olve Moldestad Moldestad, Olve Researcher +47 23 07 53 40
Picture of Habib Moradi Moradi, Habib Senior Executive Officer +47-22851130 +47-99614804
Picture of Jan Øivind Moskaug Moskaug, Jan Øivind Professor +47-22851006 Stem cells
Picture of Torbjørn Åge Moum Moum, Torbjørn Åge Professor Emeritus +47-22851431
Picture of Ricardo Murphy Murphy, Ricardo Researcher 95333157 Brain and nervous system
Picture of Jannicke Borch Myhre Myhre, Jannicke Borch Principal Engineer +47-91758685
Picture of Zahida Nabi Nabi, Zahida Adviser +47-22851351
Picture of Erlend Arnulf Nagelhus Nagelhus, Erlend Arnulf Professor +47-22840413 +47-91736316 Astrocytes, Blood flow, Synaptic transmission, Aquaporins, Brain and nervous system, Neurological disorders, Blood-brain barrier, Glia
Picture of Ingunn Narverud Narverud, Ingunn +47-22851522 Nutrition, Hypercholesterolemia, Inflammation, Cardiovascular disease, Biomarkers, Atherosclerosis
Picture of Gunnar Nicolaysen Nicolaysen, Gunnar Professor Emeritus +47-22851225
Picture of Nis Valentin Nielsen Nielsen, Nis Valentin Lecturer +47-22840205
Picture of Arild Njå Njå, Arild +47-22851253
Picture of Frode Norheim Norheim, Frode +47-22851527
Picture of Kaare Reidar Norum Norum, Kaare Reidar Professor Emeritus +47-22851511
Picture of Eha Nurk Nurk, Eha Researcher
Picture of Cecilie Petterson Oksvold Oksvold, Cecilie Petterson Head Engineer +47-22851408 +47-45477093 Laboratory work, Cell growth, Training, Purchaser, Invoices, Microscopy, Fire safety
Picture of Thomas Olsen Olsen, Thomas Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22851524 B-vitamins, homocysteine, epidemiology, vitamin A
Picture of Tonje Orre Orre, Tonje Higher Executive Officer +47-22851199 Administrasjon, Guest registration, Purchasing, HR-portal
Osen, Kirsten Kjelsberg +47-22851264
Picture of Ole Petter Ottersen Ottersen, Ole Petter Professor +47-90132610