Persons tagged with «Brain and nervous system»

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Picture of Mahmood Reza Amiry-Moghaddam Amiry-Moghaddam, Mahmood Reza Professor +47-22851273 +47-91742177 Neurological disorders, Brain and Nervous System, Human Rights, Cell volume regulation, Astrocytes, Aquaporins
Picture of Jan G. Bjaalie Bjaalie, Jan G. Professor +47-22851263 +47-91787901 Brain and nervous system, Neuroinformatics, Brain architecture, Digital brain atlasing, Life science
Picture of Per Alf Brodal Brodal, Per Alf Professor Emeritus +47-22851262 +47-93266956 Brain and nervous system, Musculo-skeletal system
Picture of Niels Christian Danbolt Danbolt, Niels Christian Professor +47-22851083 Molecular nutrition, Brain and nervous system
Picture of Joel Glover Glover, Joel Professor +47-22851230 Life science, Brain and nervous system, Stem cells, Spinal cord and spinal cord injuries, Motorical systems, Embryology, Sense organs, Brain evolution, Brain development
Picture of Torkel Hafting Hafting, Torkel Associate Professor +47-22856300 Brain and nervous system, Plasticity, Cortex, Memory, Neuroscience, Life science
Picture of Paul Heggelund Heggelund, Paul +47-22851289 Epilepsy, Brain and nervous system, Vision, Sensory systems, Thalamocortical interaction
Picture of Trygve Brauns Leergaard Leergaard, Trygve Brauns Professor +47-22851052 Cerebellum, Neuroanatomy, Brain and nervous system, Basal ganglia, Vasculature and lungs, Neurodegenerative disease models, Diagnostic imaging and intervention, Heart
Picture of Ricardo Murphy Murphy, Ricardo Researcher 95333157 Brain and nervous system
Picture of Erlend Arnulf Nagelhus Nagelhus, Erlend Arnulf Professor +47-22840413 +47-91736316 Astrocytes, Blood flow, Synaptic transmission, Aquaporins, Brain and nervous system, Neurological disorders, Blood-brain barrier, Glia
Picture of Maja Amedjkouh Puchades Puchades, Maja Amedjkouh Researcher +47-22851259 Neurodegenerative disease, Digital brain atlasing, Brain and nervous system
Picture of Anne Simonsen Simonsen, Anne Professor +47-22851110 99350960 +47-99350960 Neurodegenerative disease, Cancer, Autophagy, Cell biology, Membrane trafficking, Brain and nervous system, Life science
Picture of Nadia Skauli Skauli, Nadia Doctoral Research Fellow +47-22851030 Astrocytes, Neurodegenerative disease, Brain and nervous system, Genetics, Aquaporins, Brain extracellular matrix
Picture of Anne Spurkland Spurkland, Anne Professor +47-22851125 +47-41574078 Brain and nervous system, Life science, Genetic and epidemiology, Blood and immunology
Picture of Johan Frederik Storm Storm, Johan Frederik Professor +47-22851246 +47-99295763 Behaviour, Brain and nervous system, Neuromodulation and plasticity, Learning and memory, Brain ischemia/hypoxia and stroke, Cerebral cortex and hippocampus, Electrophysiology and brain signalling, Consciousness and attention
Picture of Jon Storm-Mathisen Storm-Mathisen, Jon Professor Emeritus +47-22851258 +47-97193044 Brain and nervous system, Brain metabolism, Signal transmission in the nervous system, Physical activity and brain function
Picture of Frode Willoch Willoch, Frode Researcher +47-22851309 +47-48245858 Digital brain atlasing, Neuroinformatics, Brain architecture, Brain and nervous system
Picture of Yun Zhou Zhou, Yun Principal Engineer +47-22851243 Molecular nutrition, Brain and nervous system