Arild Njå

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Phone +47-22851253
Room 1363 and 1364
Visiting address Sognsvannsveien 9 Domus Medica 0372 OSLO

Academic interests

  • Neuroscience
  • Synaptic selectivity
  • Synaptic plasticity
  • Motor units

Courses taught

  • Medical school:
    • Lectures
    • Laboratory units
    • Problem based learing
  • Graduate courses:
    • Lectures and discussions


  • Faculty member, School of medicine, University of Oslo
  • Post-doctoral training (Norway and US)
  • MD/PhD (Oslo)


  • G. S. Bewick, Aberdeen (UK)
  • R. W. Banks, Durham (UK)


  • Banks, Robert W.; Cahusac, Peter M.B.; Graca, Anna; Kain, Nakul; Shenton, Fiona; Singh, Paramjeet; Njå, Arild; Simon, Anna; Watson, Sonia; Slater, Clarke R. & Bewick, Guy S. (2013). Glutamatergic modulation of synaptic-like vesicle recycling in mechanosensory lanceolate nerve terminals of mammalian hair follicles. Journal of Physiology.  ISSN 0022-3751.  591(10), s 2523- 2540 . doi: 10.1113/jphysiol.2012.243659
  • Martinov, Vladimir Nikolaev & Njå, Arild (2005). A microcapsule technique for long-term conduction block of the sciatic nerve by tetrodotoxin. Journal of Neuroscience Methods.  ISSN 0165-0270.  141(2), s 199- 205 Show summary
  • Iversen, Per Ole; Nicolaysen, Anne; Hjeltnes, Nils; Njå, Arild & Benestad, Haakon Breien (2004). Preserved granulocyte formation and function, as well as bone marrow innervation, in subjects with complete spinal cord injury. British Journal of Haematology.  ISSN 0007-1048.  126, s 870- 877
  • Reid, Brian; Martinov, Vladimir Nikolaev; Njå, Arild; Lømo, Terje & Bewick, Guy S. (2003). Activity-dependent plasticity of transmitter release from nerve terminals in rat fast and slow muscles. Journal of Neuroscience.  ISSN 0270-6474.  23(28), s 9340- 9348 Show summary
  • Martinov, Vladimir Nikolaev; Sefland, Iren; Walaas, Sven Ivar; Lømo, Terje; Njå, Arild & Hoover, Frank (2002). Targeting functional subtypes of spinal motoneurons and skeletal muscle fibers in vivo by intramuscular injection of adenoviral and adeno-associated viral vectors. Anatomy and Embryology.  ISSN 0340-2061.  205, s 215- 221 Show summary
  • Steyern, Fredrik Vult von; Martinov, Vladimir Nikolaev; Rabben, Inger; Njå, Arild; Laperière, Odile de & Lømo, Terje (1999). The homeodomain transcription factors Islet 1 and HB9 are expressed in adult alpha and gamma motoneurons identified by selective retrograde tracing. European Journal of Neuroscience.  ISSN 0953-816X.  11, s 2093- 2102 Show summary
  • Utvik, Jo Kristian; Njå, Arild & Gundersen, Kristian (1999). DNA injection into single cells of intact mice. Human Gene Therapy.  ISSN 1043-0342.  10, s 291- 300 Show summary

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  • Martinov, Vladimir Nikolaev; Sefland, Iren; Walaas, Sven Ivar; Lømo, Terje; Njå, Arild & Hoover, Frank (2001). Transduction of nerve- and muscle fibers by recombinant viral vectors in vivo. Show summary
  • Njå, Arild; Reid, Brian; Martinov, Vladimir Nikolaev; Wærhaug, Ola; Lømo, Terje & Bewick, Guy S. (2001). Fast and slow motor nerve terminals: Interchanging their impulse activity patterns. Show summary
  • Iversen, Per Ole; Hjeltnes, Nils; Holm, Bjørn; Gundersen, I.S.; Flatebo, Torun; Rønning, Wenche; Stanghelle, Johan K; Oftebro, H.; Bjørklund, U.H.; Nicolaysen, A.; Njå, Arild & Benestad, Haakon Breien (1999). Decreased colony formation by bone marrow cells and compromised cellular immunity in tetraplegia.

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