Bjørn Steen Skålhegg

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Phone +47-22851548
Room 2198
Visiting address Sognsvannsveien 9 Domus Medica 0372 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 1046 Blindern 0317 OSLO

Academic interests

  • Molecular Nutrition
  • Integrated metabolism
  • Signal transduction
  • Immunology
  • Cancer

Courses taught

  • MED-, Ern-, OdSem; 2. sem (Problem based learning). 4. sem (Teach proteins and nutrition)
  • ERN3100 – Energy metabolism and clinical nutrition (Main responsible and teach energy metabolism and nutrition)
  • ERN3200 - Molecular, cellular and clinical nutrition (Teach nutrition and immunology)
  • ERN4221 - Molecular Nutrition  (Teach signal transduction and molecular regulation of hunger and satiety)


  • Cand scient. (bachelor) Biokjemi UiO 1988
  • Dr. philos (PhD) UiO 1993
  • Professor at Univestity of Oslo 2001


-2018-2021                             Granted FRIMEDBIO from the Norwegian Research Council

-2017-2019                             Granted Scienta Fellow, joint funding by the Medical Faculty, University of Oslo and EU

-2017-2021                             Granted PhD student fellowship funded by the Institute of Basic Medical Sciences, University of Oslo

- 2016-2019                            Grant from the Norwegian Research Council, HELSEVEL. ImNut, Head Dr. Sissel Moltu, Oslo University Hospital.

- 2017 - 2020                          Granted PhD fellow Fellowship from Helse Sør-Øst, Co-supervisor with Dr. Johanna Hol, Oslo University Hospital.

- 2013 - 2016                          Grant from the Norwegian Research Council, FRIBIO

- 2013 - 2016                          Grant from the Norwegian Cancer Society

- 2013 -                                   Grant from the Throne Holst foundation (UiO)

- 2002-2005 and 2006-2009   Finalist (10 top) for center of excellence (COE/SFF)

- 1996 until 1999                     Research grants received from the Norwegian Research Council.

- 1994 until 1995                     Fulbright Fellow

- 1993 until 1996                     Post doctor Norwegian Research Council

- 1988 until 1993                     PhD fellow from The Norwegian Cancer Society.

Positions held

  • -          Board member of the NOR-OPENSCREEN (HTS) Node Norway (2016-)

    -           Head of Division for Molecular Nutrition (2015-)

    -           Member of the National Advisory Board for Disease Related Mal Nutrition (2015-2019)

    -           Head of Molecular Nutrition Unit (MolNU) (2014-)

    -           Grant reviewer for the Norwegian Research Council, (2013-)

    -           Member of the National Reference Group on Laboratory Genetics and Gene Technology appointed by The Norwegian Directorate of Health. (2013-)

    -           Member of the committee on food safety in Norway (VKM), appointed by the Royal Department of Health (2012-).

    -           Substitute member of the board of representatives of the Norwegian Cancer Society (2011-)

    -           Member of the Computational Life Science Initiative (CLSi), University of Oslo (2009-).

    -           Grant reviewer for the Norwegian Cancer Society (2007-2012 + 2014)

    -           Member of the committee for Life Science at the University of Oslo (2007-2010)

    -           Head of the border for Functional genomics (FUGE) initiative on micro array at the University of Oslo (2005-2008).

    -           Co-founder, shareholder, board head and -member of the biotech companies Spermatech and Rheumatech (since 2002), and Arctic Pharma (since 2012). All companies established according to own research

  • -           Board member Department of Nutrition, University of Oslo (2006-10).

  • -           Board member Throne Holst Foundation (2008-9).


  • Professor Tore Kvien, Dr. Guro Goll Løvik, Diakonsykehuset, Oslo.

    Associated Professor Jon K. Lærdal, UiO

    Dr. Sheraz Yakub og Dr Knut Jørgen Labori, Kirurger og veildere, Oslo Universitetssykehus.

    Professor Tone Frost Bathen, NTNU

    Professor Ian Mills, Queens University, Belfast, Irland

    Professor Daan van Aalten, FRSE, Wellcome Trust Investigator School of Life Sciences University of Dundee, Scotland, United Kingdom

    Professor Friedrich Herberg, Kassel University, Germany.

Tags: Cancer, Immunology, Integrated metabolism, Molecular nutrition


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  • Skålhegg, Bjørn Steen (2012). Mat og Medisin. Kapittel 8, Protein. Cappelen Damm Akademisk.  ISBN 978-82-7634-967-2.  12 s.
  • Skålhegg, Bjørn Steen & Refsum, Helga (2012). Mat og Medisin. Kapittel 11, B-vitaminer. Cappelen Damm Akademisk.  ISBN 978-82-7634-967-2.  18 s.

View all works in Cristin

View all works in Cristin

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