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Nanna Lien

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Phone +47-22851378
Mobile phone 97 59 38 16
Fax +47-22851341
Room 3142
Visiting address Sognsvannsveien 9 Domus Medica 0372 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 1046 Blindern 0317 OSLO

Academic interests

  • Factors affecting food habits in different population groups, especially youth
  • Development, implementation and evaluation of interventions to promote healthy eating and reduce health risk, especially school-based
  • Socio-economic disparities in nutrition related health
  • Longitudinal studies and questionnaires as research method

Courses taught


  • 2002: PhD, Public health nutrition, University of Oslo
  • 1998: Practical pedagogical education, University of Oslo
  • 1996: Cand Agric, Food science and technology, Norwegian Agricultural University


  • 2007-present: Researcher in Public health nutrition, University of Oslo.
  • 2009-2011: Senior researcher (20%), The Norwegian Institute of Public Health.
  • 2002-2007: Post doctoral fellow in Public health nutrition, University of Oslo.
  • 1996-1997: Researcher in food science, Unilever Research Laboratory, Vlaardingen, The Netherlands

Positions held

  • 2003-present: Observational status, representing Department of Nutrition, University of Oslo in Kostforum - Samarbeidsorganet for kosthold og helse (Collaboration of NGOs on diet and health).
  • 2007-present: Member of the editorial board of the International Journal of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity.
  • 2009-present: Consultant of Work package I: Health behaviour interventions in schools at the Centre for Applied Research in Health Promotion and Prevention, National Institute of Public Health, University of Southern Denmark.
  • 2006-2007: Chair of the local organizing committee (acting), the 6th annual meeting of the International Society of Behavioral Nutrition and Physical Activity in Oslo 2007.
  • 2002-2004: Chair of the Norwegian Nutrition Society.
  • 2001-2003: Board member of the European Nutrition Leadership Program Alumni Association (ENLPAA).


  • Department of Behavioural Sciences in Medicine, University of Oslo,  Professor Arnstein Finset.
  • Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, Professors Sigmund A. Anderssen and Yngvar Ommundsen.
  • Department of Health Promotion and Development (HEMIL) University of Bergen, Professor Bente Wold.
  • Department of Epidemiology & Biostatistics and the EMGO Institute for Health & Care Research VU University Medical Center, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, Professor Johannes Brug.
  • Department of Public Health, Ghent University, Belgium, Professor Lea Maes.
Tags: Nutrition, Behaviour, Public health nutrition, Children and adolescents, Social inequalities in health, Longitudinal studies


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  • Bjelland, Mona; Bergh, Ingunn Holden; Grydeland, May & Lien, Nanna (2013). Utvikling, gjennomføring og evaluering av HEIA-prosjektet: Kan skolen være en arena for å fremme sunn vektutvikling blant 11-13 åringer?. Norsk tidsskrift for ernæring.  ISSN 1503-5034.  (2), s 30- 33
  • Grydeland, May; Bjelland, Mona; Anderssen, Sigmund Alfred; Klepp, Knut Inge; Bergh, Ingunn Holden; Andersen, Lene Frost; Ommundsen, Yngvar & Lien, Nanna (2013). Intervention effect on BMI in adolescent girls: The HEalth in Adolescents (HEIA) Study – A school-­based two-­year cluster randomized trial.
  • Vik, Frøydis Nordgård; Bjørnarå, Helga Birgit; Øverby, Nina Cecilie; Lien, Nanna; Androutsos, Odysseas; Maes, Lea; Jan, Natasa; Kovacs, Eva; Moreno, Luis A; Dössegger, Alain; Manios, Yannis; Brug, Johannes & Bere, Elling (2013). Associations between eating meals, eating meals while watching TV and weight status among children, 10-12 years: The energy-cross sectional study.
  • Vik, Frøydis Nordgård; Lien, Nanna; Berntsen, Sveinung; De Bourdeaudhuij, Ilse; Grillenberger, Monika; Manios, Yannis; Kovacs, Eva; Brug, Johannes & Bere, Elling (2013). Outcome evaluation of the UP4FUN pilot intervention in 10 – 12 year old children in Europe - the ENERGY project.
  • Vik, Frøydis Nordgård; Bere, Elling; Øverby, Nina Cecilie; Lien, Nanna; Maes, Lea; Moore, Helen; Summerbell, Carolyn; Grammatikaki, Evangelia; Manios, Yannis & Brug, Johannes (2011). ASSOCIATIONS BETWEEN BREAKFAST SKIPPING AND WEIGHT STATUS IN SEVEN EUROPEAN COUNTRIES: THE ENERGY-PROJECT.
  • Lien, Nanna; Hallén, Ninna; Roos, Eva; Ray, Carola; Karlsson, Christina; Santiago, Raquel Izquierdo de; Binard, Philippe; Yngve, Agneta; Ehrenblad, Bettina; Lynch, Christel & Klepp, Knut Inge (2010). Developing a low cost, sustainable school-based intervention to promote fruit and vegetables: the pro greens project. Public Health Nutrition.  ISSN 1368-9800.  (9(A)), s 22
  • Yngve, Agneta; Lynch, Christel; Ehrenblad, Bettina; Lien, Nanna & Klepp, Knut Inge (2010). Pro greens - a fruit and vegetable promotion project in eleven European countries. Public Health Nutrition.  ISSN 1368-9800.  (9(A)), s 21- 27
  • Bergh, Ingunn Holden; Grydeland, May; Bjelland, Mona; Lien, Nanna; Klepp, Knut-Inge; Anderssen, Sigmund A. & Ommundsen, Yngvar (2009). Correlates of children?s computer use on weekends: Baseline results from HEIA, a two-year multi-component school based intervention program.
  • Bergh, Ingunn Holden; Grydeland, May; Bjelland, Mona; Lien, Nanna; Klepp, Knut-Inge; Anderssen, Sigmund A. & Ommundsen, Yngvar (2008). Correlates of children¿s physical activity: Baseline results from HEIA, a two-year multi-component school based intervention program..
  • Bjelland, Mona; Andersen, Lene F.; Lien, Nanna; Grydeland, May; Bergh, Ingunn Holden; Anderssen, Sigmund A.; Ommundsen, Yngvar & Klepp, Knut-Inge (2008). Prevanlence of overweight and obesity in 11-year-olds based on BMI and waist-to-height ratio: The HEIA-project..
  • Grydeland, May; Bjelland, Mona; Bergh, Ingunn Holden; Lien, Nanna; Ommundsen, Yngvar & Anderssen, Sigmund A. (2008). Overweight/obesity in 11-year-olds and association with guidelines for physical activity and fruit and vegetable intake..
  • Bjelland, Mona; Bergh, Ingunn Holden; Lien, Nanna; Ommundsen, Yngvar; Andersen, Lene F. & Klepp, K-I (2007). Promoting healthy weight among schoolchildren.
  • Bjelland, Mona; Bergh, Ingunn Holden; Lien, Nanna; Ommundsen, Yngvar; Anderssen, Sigmund; Andersen, Lene Frost & Klepp, Knut Inge (2007). HEIA: Promoting healthy weight among schoolchildren..
  • Vejrup, Kristine; Lien, Nanna; Klepp, Knut-Inge & Bere, Elling (2007). Norwegian adolescents consumption of vegetables at dinner.
  • Lien, Nanna; Wandel, Margareta; Holmboe-Ottesen, Gerd & Klepp, Knut-Inge (2005). Big spenders – who are the adolescents spending much money on junk food?.
  • Kumar, Bernadette. N; Holmboe-Ottesen, Gerd; Lien, Nanna & Wandel, Margareta (2004). Ethnic Differences In Body Mass Index and associated factors of adolescents from Minorities in Oslo, Norway.
  • Lien, Nanna; Kumar, Bernadette. N; Holmboe-Ottesen, Gerd & Wandel, Margareta (2004). Eating Behaviours and their relations with socio-demographic factors, social capital and other health behaviours among 15-16 year olds in Oslo, Norway.
  • Kumar, Bernadette. N; Holmboe-Ottesen, Gerd; Wandel, Margareta & Lien, Nanna (2003). Food habits, physical activity and body mass index of adolescents from ethnic minorities in Oslo, Norway.
  • Lien, Nanna; Kumar, Bernadette. N & Wandel, Margareta (2003). Do Body Mass Index, Body Image and Dieting Methods Vary by Socio-Economic Status Among Adolescents in Oslo, Norway. Annals of Nutrition and Metabolism.  ISSN 0250-6807.  47, s 499- 500
  • Lien, Nanna; Kumar, Bernadette. N; Klepp, Knut Inge; Holmboe-Ottesen, Gerd; Mosdøl, Annhild & Wandel, Margareta (2003). Body mass index (BMI, body image and dieting among adolescents of different SES.
  • Lien, Nanna (2002). Stability and predictors of eating behaviors during adolescence and early adulthood..
  • Lien, Nanna (2001). Hva påvirker ungdommens kosthold?.
  • Lien, Nanna; Friestad, Christine & Klepp, Knut Inge (2001). Adolescents' proxy reports of parents' socioeconomic status - how valid are they?.
  • Lien, Nanna; Jacobs, D. R. Jr. & Klepp, Knut Inge (2001). An exploratory analysis of predictors of adolescent eating behavior guided by Social Cognitive Theory (SCT)..
  • Lien, Nanna (2000). Hva kan vi gjøre for å påvirke ungdommers spisevaner?.
  • Lien, Nanna (2000). Hva vet vi om ungdommers spisevaner i Norge i dag?.
  • Lien, Nanna & Klepp, Knut Inge (2000). Fruit and vegetable intake among adolescents according to parents' educational level..
  • Lien, Nanna & Klepp, Knut Inge (2000). MEAL FREQUENCIES; STABILITY AND CHANGES FROM AGE 18 TO 21. A prospective study..
  • Lien, Nanna & Klepp, Knut Inge (2000). Meal frequencies; stablity and relation with parental education A prospective adolescent cohort study.
  • Skeie, Guri; Lien, Nanna & Klepp, Knut Inge (2000). Dieting and body image in an eight year cohort of girls and young women..
  • Lien, Nanna (1999). Er pommes frites og potetgull ungdommenes svar på 5 om dagen ?.
  • Lien, Nanna (1999). Forskning omkring grøntprodukter og positive helseeffekter..
  • Lien, Nanna & Klepp, Knut Inge (1999). Stability of dietary habits in a Norwegian teenage cohort.
  • Skeie, Guri; Klepp, Knut Inge & Lien, Nanna (1999). Breakfast or not, is that the question? Breakfast habit correlates in a Norwegian teenage cohort..

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