Patrik Hansson

Doctoral Research Fellow - Diet and atherosclerosis
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Visiting address Sognsvannsveien 9 Domus Medica 0372 OSLO
Postal address Postboks 1046 Blindern 0317 OSLO
Other affiliations Faculty of Medicine

Academic interests

Postprandial effects of dairy products in meals with varying macronutrient compositions. Biomarkers for cardiovascular disease are measured with focus on inflammation, blood lipids and blood glucose regulation. Satiety is examined as well.


  • Registered dietitian/nutritionist (RD)
  • 2009: Bachelor’s Degree (B.Sc.) in Clinical Nutrition, University of Gothenburg
  • 2012: Master’s Degree (M.Sc.) in Clinical Nutrition, University of Gothenburg 
  • 2014-2015: Lecturer in Nutrition, University of Gothenburg 
  • 2015- : Ph.D. candidate in Clinical Nutrition, University of Oslo



Tags: Nutrition, Clinical nutrition, Biomarkers, Inflammation, Lipids, Cardiovascular disease, Molecular nutrition


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  • Narverud, Ingunn; Ottestad, Inger; Gjevestad, Gyrd Omholt; Christensen, Jacob J.; Rundblad, Amanda; Hansson, Patrik; Øyri, Linn Kristin Lie; Larsen, Sunniva Veen; Brekke, Hilde Kristin; Sheikh, Navida Akhter; Ulven, Stine Marie & Holven, Kirsten Bjørklund (2016). Vidundermiddel eller klin kokos.

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