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  • Skottvoll, Frøydis Sved; Wilson, Steven Ray Haakon; Nilsen, Ola; Sullivan, Gareth & Krauss, Stefan (2018). Integrating highly miniaturized LC-MS systems with “Organ on a Chip”; the future of preclinical modelling.
  • Røberg-Larsen, Hanne; Lund, Kaja; Sæterdal, Kristina Erikstad; Solheim, Stian; Vehus, Tore; Solberg, Nina; Krauss, Stefan; Lundanes, Elsa & Wilson, Steven Ray Haakon (2016). Capillary LC mass spectrometric detection of 27-hydroxycholesterol in breast cancer exosomes.
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  • Sæterdal, Kristina Erikstad; Vehus, Tore; Røberg-Larsen, Hanne; Krauss, Stefan; Lundanes, Elsa & Wilson, Steven Ray Haakon (2016). Determination of CYP27a1 in biological samples using nano liquid chromatography mass spectrometry. Show summary
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