Administrative staff

Persons 1 - 93 of 93
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Trude Abelsen Abelsen, Trude Section Manager +47-22851447 Financial managment, Finance, Budget, Reporting
Picture of Marian Berge Andersen Andersen, Marian Berge Head Engineer +47-22851232 Laboratory work, Purchasing, Training, Histotechnique
Picture of Elisabeth Augdahl Augdahl, Elisabeth Higher Executive Officer +47-22845663 +47-46613726
Picture of Bjarne Authen Authen, Bjarne Senior Engineer +47-22851492 +47-99706139 Purchasing, Purchaser, Fire safety, Electronics, Service, EAGLE
Picture of Hema Awasthi Awasthi, Hema Senior Executive Officer +47-22852417 Economical reports, Project economy, Budget and applications
Picture of Grazyna Babinska Babinska, Grazyna Principal Engineer +47-22851238
Picture of Rolf  Bakke Bakke, Rolf
Bakkeby, Adrian C. Principal Engineer +47-22851211 Local IT support
Picture of Gunnveig Toft Bjørndal Bjørndal, Gunnveig Toft Head Engineer +47-22851001
Picture of Alieu S K Cham Cham, Alieu S K Adviser +47-22851356 Student and Academic Administration, Examination
Picture of Alf Christophersen Christophersen, Alf Principal Engineer +47-22851350 +4794353793 +4794353793 IT support for research, Administrative IT services, Network
Csúcs, Gergely Researcher +47-94479448
Picture of Dmitri Darine Darine, Dmitri Head Engineer +47-22851498
Picture of Sissel Eikvar Eikvar, Sissel Head Engineer +47-22851008 Laboratory operation, Molecular biology techniques, Cell growth, Basware, Protein analysis, Teaching, Bacterial work
Picture of Rita Eng Eng, Rita Adviser +47-22851456 Basware, Payment, Invoices, Purchasing, Purchaser
Picture of Anne Randi Enget Enget, Anne Randi Head Engineer +47-22851390
Fahle, Morten Senior Engineer +47-22851240 Local IT support
Picture of Ali Fakheri Fakheri, Ali Head Engineer +47-22851133
Picture of Marion Renfang Fierro Fierro, Marion Renfang Adviser +47-22851574 Economical reports, project economy, budget and applications
Picture of Torun Flatebø Flatebø, Torun Head Engineer +47-22851590 Laboratory work, Molecular biology techniques, PCR-method, Protein analysis, Cell growth, Purchaser
Picture of Cathrine Flesche Flesche, Cathrine Higher Executive Officer +47-22851340
Picture of Jorge Rodas Foeller Foeller, Jorge Rodas Principal Engineer
Picture of Helene Fondevik Fondevik, Helene Adviser +47-22851403 +47-41932169 +47 41932169
Picture of Elin Gislerud Gislerud, Elin Adviser +47-22851564 Human resources administration
Picture of Gaute Gjein Gjein, Gaute Executive Officer User support, ICT and learning, Training, Teaching
Picture of Harald Godø Gjerdahl Gjerdahl, Harald Godø Adviser +47-22851425 Project management, Leiested
Granberg, Mads Peter Head Engineer +47-22851105
Picture of Kirsten Grundt Grundt, Kirsten Senior Engineer +47-22851096 +47-40203518
Picture of Karen Marie Gujord Gujord, Karen Marie Senior Engineer +47-22851448 99579745 +47-99579745
Picture of Juan Carlos Veloso Gutierrez Gutierrez, Juan Carlos Veloso Cleaner
Picture of Tolesa Tilahun Hafte Hafte, Tolesa Tilahun Adviser +47-22851439 Student and Academic Administration
Picture of Bashir Ahmad Hakim Hakim, Bashir Ahmad Senior Engineer +47-22851284 +47-91854716
Picture of Annicke Stranda Haslestad Haslestad, Annicke Stranda Head Engineer +47-22851347
Picture of Sverre Andre Hegg Hegg, Sverre Andre Principal Engineer +47-22856009
Picture of Linda Teigland Helgesen Helgesen, Linda Teigland Head of Office Administration, Management, Organizational development, HSE, Activity management
Picture of Paul Johannes Helm Helm, Paul Johannes Senior Engineer +47-22851159 51159
Picture of Hege Berg Henriksen Henriksen, Hege Berg Adviser +47-22851520
Picture of Kristine Lillebø Holm Holm, Kristine Lillebø Principal Engineer +47-22851121
Picture of Erik Holt Holt, Erik Senior Engineer +47-22851109 +47-90862438 Behaviour, Health communication, AV services, Teleform, Purchaser, Fire safety, Web publishing
Picture of Kari Holte Holte, Kari Principal Engineer +47-22851533
Picture of Ngoc-Trang Thi Huynh Huynh, Ngoc-Trang Thi Head Engineer +47-22851183
Picture of Malarvili Inparajan Inparajan, Malarvili Higher Executive Officer +47-22851076
Picture of Lourdes Cotrim Jacobsen Jacobsen, Lourdes Cotrim Higher Executive Officer +47-22851150 purchasing, invoice processing, office supplies, joint expedition services
Picture of Wendi Jensen Jensen, Wendi Senior Engineer +47-22851304 +47-22851155 Cell growth, Molecular biology techniques, Chromatography, Histotechnique
Jermstad, Ingunn Head Engineer
Picture of Shaista Khan Khan, Shaista Head Engineer +47-22851092
Picture of Carina V S Knudsen Knudsen, Carina V S Principal Engineer +47-22851490 Photo, Photography, Drawing, Graphic design
Picture of Eirik Mohn Kristensen Kristensen, Eirik Mohn Head Engineer +47-22851049 Local IT support
Picture of Simen Kristiansen Kristiansen, Simen Principal Engineer +47-22856013
Picture of Torgeir Kvernstuen Kvernstuen, Torgeir Section Manager +47-22851132 90162312
Picture of Anee Karin Lee Lee, Anee Karin 95525515
Picture of Hilde Beate Liudalen Liudalen, Hilde Beate Senior Executive Officer +47-22851020 +47-94825622
Picture of Gunnar Ljunggren Ljunggren, Gunnar Head Engineer +47-22851297 +47-95063126
Picture of Gunnar Fredrik Lothe Lothe, Gunnar Fredrik Principal Engineer +47-22851285 Photo, Photography, Drawing, Graphic design
Picture of Christin Lucas Lucas, Christin Principal Engineer +47-22851310
Picture of Elke Maes Maes, Elke Principal Engineer Histotechnique, Neuroprotection
Martinov, Vladimir Nikolaev Head Engineer +47-22851295
Picture of Anette Mellem Mellem, Anette
Picture of Habib Moradi Moradi, Habib Senior Executive Officer +47-22851130 +47-99614804
Picture of Anders Moss Moss, Anders Section Manager +47-22851053
Picture of Zahida Nabi Nabi, Zahida Adviser +47-22851351
Picture of Cecilie Petterson Oksvold Oksvold, Cecilie Petterson Head Engineer +47-22851408 +47-45477093 Laboratory work, Cell growth, Microscopy, Training, Purchaser, Invoices, Fire safety
Picture of Tonje Orre Orre, Tonje Higher Executive Officer +47-22851199 Administrasjon, Guest registration, HR-portal, Purchasing
Picture of Espen Petersheim Petersheim, Espen Head Engineer +47-22851297
Picture of Thanh Thai Pham Pham, Thanh Thai Principal Engineer +47-22851303
Picture of Thi Thu van Pham Pham, Thi Thu van Principal Engineer +47-22851389
Picture of Hong Qu Qu, Hong Head Engineer +47-22851266
Picture of Raul Ramirez Ramirez, Raul Senior Engineer +47-22851679
Picture of Knut Rekdahl Rekdahl, Knut Senior Engineer +47-22851129 +47-98644331 Purchasing, Purchaser
Picture of Bjørg Riber Riber, Bjørg Senior Engineer +47-22851195
Picture of Nina Richartz Richartz, Nina Principal Engineer
Picture of Ole Rustad Rustad, Ole Senior Executive Officer +47-22851387 Administration, Health, safety and environment (HSE), Management support
Picture of Evelyn Voss Rygnestad Rygnestad, Evelyn Voss Senior Executive Officer +47-22851384 Body Donor Program, Anatomy Courses, Advanced Anatomy Training, Basware, Invoices, Meetings, Events, University Gifts, PhD defenses
Picture of Sophia Salicath Salicath, Sophia Higher Executive Officer +47-22851559 +47-90535126 Purchaser, Invoices, Economy control, Bio-Rad refrigerator, Photo room, Dry ice
Picture of Kristin Larsen Sand Sand, Kristin Larsen Head Engineer +47-22851204 93674280 Laboratory work, Cell culturing, Microscopy, Purchasing, Flow cytometry, Training
Picture of Marit Sandvik Sandvik, Marit Principal Engineer +47-22851389 Laboratory operation, Molecular biology techniques, Protein analysis, Purchaser
Picture of Iren Sefland Sefland, Iren Principal Engineer +47-22851602
Picture of Gjøril Seierstad Seierstad, Gjøril Executive Officer +47-22851188 Reception, Mail and postage
Picture of Susinthiran Sithamparanathan Sithamparanathan, Susinthiran Head Engineer +47-22851241 IT services, User administration, IT support, Web publishing, Applications, Computer, Mobile, Tivoli, Windows 7, Linux
Picture of Anne Skotte Skotte, Anne Adviser +47-22851345 Health, safety and enviroment, Working environment, Local working environment committee (LWEC)
Picture of Camilla Solberg Solberg, Camilla Head Engineer +47-22851121
Picture of Hela Soltani Soltani, Hela Section Manager +47-22845664 +47-97728875
Picture of Sofia Anderholm Strand Strand, Sofia Anderholm Adviser +47-22851034 +4741394144 Research support, EU, Quality assurance system for health and medical research
Picture of Kobra Sultani Sultani, Kobra Principal Engineer +47-22851369
Picture of Kari Anette Sverre Sverre, Kari Anette Adviser +47-22854353
Picture of Anita Løvstad Sørensen Sørensen, Anita Løvstad Head Engineer
Picture of Sumithra Maud Taraldsen Taraldsen, Sumithra Maud Higher Executive Officer +47-22851060
Picture of Tore Geir Thoresen Thoresen, Tore Geir Head Engineer Mechanics
Picture of Håvard Tønnesen Tønnesen, Håvard Head Engineer +47-22851231 Macintosh, Applications, Graphic design, Research communication, Web publishing, AV services
Picture of Kristin Vekterud Vekterud, Kristin Head Engineer
Picture of Kyrre Vigestad Vigestad, Kyrre Communications adviser +47-22855279 +47-92862492 Communication, Press contact, Media survey, Research communication, Web editor, Content management, Web statistics, Internal communication
Picture of Jon Ingvar Wedervang Wedervang, Jon Ingvar Senior Engineer +47-22851251 Local IT support, Network, Printing, Applications, E-mail
Picture of Gunnar Harald Åmlid Åmlid, Gunnar Harald +47-22851519 Web publishing, Macintosh, Teleform