The group cooperates with both national og international researchers.

We collaborate with scientists within our own department and with other glycobiology researchers at the University of Oslo.

We also collaborate with clinicians at Oslo University Hospital-Rikshospitalet working with kidney complications in diabetes patients and with pathologists at the same hospital. This project also involves collaborations with matrix biologist and pathologists at the University of Tromsø and matrix biologists at the University of Bergen.

Hematological malignancies and clinical markers are studied with clinicians at Oslo University Hospital, Ullevål and at Rigshospitalet, København, Denmark.

We collaborate with glycobiologists at the University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala, Sweden on the serglycin knock-out animals.

Extracellular matirx and tissue integrity of fish products are studied in collaboration with researchers at the Norwegian Food Research Institute, Ås, Norway..

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