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Biological Functions of the NUCKS Protein

This group is interested in regulation of the cell cycle, DNA repair and apoptosis.

Illustration: Anne Carine Østvold

About the group

At present the research group consists of Østvold and one technician. However, the group collaborates closely with one group in USA and two groups in Europe.

The group is working on a novel gene/gene product discovered and cloned by Østvold in 2001. The gene/protein now designated NUCKS (former P1), is nuclear, highly post translationally modified and unfolded in solution. A splice variant lacking the nuclear localization signal has been isolated from fetal brain, and the protein is probably multifunctional. The protein shares only little homology with other characterized proteins. The NUCKS gene is located on chromosome 1q.32.1 in an area that is frequently amplified in human cancers, and the protein is up-regulated in a number of tumor cells. The gene is also highly expressed during rodent development.

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