These are our ongoing research projects.

  • Unravel the physiological and regulatory role of nuclear receptors in achieving metabolic homeostatic control (tissue-tissue cross-talk and cross-talk with other signalling systems).
  • Study the transcriptional activity of nuclear receptors (ligand activation (nutrients), interaction with coregulatory proteins, posttranslational modifications).
  • Investigate the role of O-linked glycosylation on nuclear receptors and downstream proteins.
  • Characterize at the molecular level how nuclear receptors respond to (is modified by) insulin and glucose and activate pathways involved in lipid synthesis in liver, muscle and adipose tissue.
  • Identification of nuclear receptor ligands from marine invertebrates; bioprospecting, structure, synthesis and evaluation as drug candidates to treat metabolic syndrome.
  • Unravel the physiological role of lipid droplets and interacting proteins in energy balance.
  • Energy balance related to sulfated amino acids like cystein and methionine. In collaboration with Helga Refsum and Christian Drevon we search for the mechanism behind the finding that plasma concentration of cysteine is strongly and positively associated with fat mass of the body.
Published Feb. 22, 2011 6:28 PM - Last modified May 11, 2011 1:26 PM