Throne Holst Symposium

Program Thursday

Presentation of publications by young scientists from the Department of Nutrition, IMB, UiO

11.30 Trine M. Reine

“Increased levels of inflammatory mediators and proinflammatory monocytes in patients with type I diabetes mellitus and nephropathy”

11.40 Siv Kjølsrud Bøhn

“Tomato-based randomized controlled trial in prostate cancer patients: Effect on PSA”

11.50 Bjørn Steen Skålhegg

“T Helper Cell Activation and Expansion Is Sensitive to Glutaminase Inhibition under Both Hypoxic and Normoxic Conditions”

12.00 Lena Leder

“Effects of a healthy Nordic diet on gene expression changes in peripheral blood mononuclear cells in response to an oral glucose tolerance test in subjects with metabolic syndrome: a SYSDIET sub-study”

12.10 Ingunn Holden Bergh

“Weight development from age 13 to 30 years and adolescent socioeconomic status: The Norwegian Longitudinal Health Behaviour study”

12.20 Poster session with lunch

13.30 Torgrim Langleite

“Insulin sensitivity, body composition and adipose depots following 12 w combined endurance and strength training in dysglycemic and normoglycemic sedentary men”

13.40 Anne Lene Kristiansen

“Associations between physical home environmental factors and vegetable consumption among Norwegian 3–5-year-olds: the BRA-study”

13.50 Kjetil Retterstøl

“Cardiovascular disease in patients with genotyped familial hypercholesterolemia in Norway during 1994–2009, a registry study”

14.00 Jacob Juel Christensen

“LDL cholesterol in early pregnancy and offspring cardiovascular disease risk factors”

14.10 Presentation of the poster- and paper-awards to young scientists

Gunnar Mellgren (Leader of committee, Throne Holst Stiftelse)

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