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  • Bewick, B.M; Ondersma, Steven; Hoybye, Mette; Blakstad, Oscar; Blankers, M; Brendryen, Håvar; Helland, Pål Fylling; Johansen, Ayna Beate; Wallace, Paul; Sinadinovic, K; Sundstrøm, K. & Berman, Anne H (2017). Key intervention characteristics in e-health: Steps towards standardized reporting. Key intervention characteristics in e-health: Steps towards standardized reporting. International Journal of Behavioral Medicine.  ISSN 1070-5503.
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  • Holter, Marianne Therese Smogeli; Johansen, Ayna Beate & Brendryen, Håvar (2016). How a Fully Automated eHealth Program Simulates Three Therapeutic Processes: A Case Study. Journal of Medical Internet Research.  ISSN 1438-8871.  18(6), s e176 . doi: 10.2196/jmir.5415 Full text in Research Archive. Show summary
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  • Bramness, Jørgen Gustav & Johansen, Ayna (2012). Psykososial og medikamentell behandling av rusavhengighet, I: Stian Biong & Siri Ytrehus (red.),  Helsehjelp til personer med rusproblemer.  Akribe Forlag.  ISBN 978-82-7950-160-2.  kapittel 6.  s 121 - 142
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  • Leong, Laura; Cano, Annmarie & Johansen, Ayna (2011). Sequences and Base Rates of Invalidation and Validation are Differentially Related to Adjustment in Couples with Chronic Pain: Patient Gender Matters. Journal of Pain.  ISSN 1526-5900.  12(11), s 1140- 1148 . doi: 10.1016/j.jpain.2011.04.004
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  • Johansen, Ayna Beate (2017). Røyklagt cannabisdebatt. VG : Verdens gang.  ISSN 0805-5203.
  • Johansen, Ayna Beate & Johansen, Kenneth (2017, 25. april). Det er problematisk når mediene omtaler forskning etter sin egen «ruspolitiske ideologi». [Fagblad].  Medier24.
  • Johansen, Kenneth & Johansen, Ayna Beate (2017, 20. april). Heroindebatten og Dagbladets løselige bruk av forskning.  Aftenposten.
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  • Johansen, Ayna Beate & Gjersing, Linn Renathe (2016). Finnes det en høy andel «skjulte», ressurssterke og ikke-injiserende brukere som handler i Brugata? Vi tror ikke det.. Aftenposten (morgenutg. : trykt utg.).  ISSN 0804-3116.
  • Johansen, Ayna Beate & Gjersing, Linn Renathe (2016). Som rusforskere er vi bekymret over tabloid journalistikk om rus. Aftenposten (morgenutg. : trykt utg.).  ISSN 0804-3116.
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  • Johansen, Ayna; Fardal Nes, Sigrid & Marte, Yri (2015). Å sprenge glasstaket. Bergens Tidende.  ISSN 0804-8983.
  • Brendryen, Håvar; Danaher, Brian G; Johansen, Ayna & Holter, Marianne Therese Smogeli (2014). Testing the Efficacy of an Automated Lapse Management System: an RCT-Protocol of an Internet-Delivered Smoking Cessation Intervention.
  • Brendryen, Håvar; Johansen, Ayna; Lund, Ingunn Olea; Riksheim, Marianne; Nesvåg, Sverre & Duckert, Fanny (2014). Effekten av et nettbasert program for alkoholforebygging (Balance).
  • Holter, Marianne Therese Smogeli; Brendryen, Håvar; Johansen, Ayna & Danaher, Brian G (2014). What’s therapeutic alliance got to do with it? A qualitative (ongoing) study of how the user’s relationship to an eHealth program for smoking cessation might be important for program adherence and treatment outcome.
  • Johansen, Ayna (2014). Hva er god rusbehandling?. Bergens Tidende.  ISSN 0804-8983.
  • Brendryen, Håvar; Duckert, Fanny; Nesvåg, Sverre & Johansen, Ayna (2012). An RCT of a web-based early-intervention for hazardous drinkers.
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  • Johansen, Ayna & Darnell, Farnad (2012). In pursuit of identity: a grounded theory study on the process of overcoming addiction.
  • Johansen, Ayna; Franzen, Elizabeth; Bjelland, Ingerid Elgesem; Wennesland, Dag Kosòl & Brendryen, Håvar (2012). Toward a theory of working alliance in media-based addiction treatment.
  • Johansen, Ayna (2011). Frame shifting and addiction as cultural experience.
  • Johansen, Ayna (2010). “Whose job is it anyway?” – a qualitative study on the effects of addiction responsibility perspectives in patients and their healthy mentors.
  • Johansen, Ayna; Ottermo, Marit & Darnell, Farnad (2010). “Close enough but no further” – a qualitative study on the formation of sobriety promoting mentoring relationships in persons with substance addiction.
  • Leong, Laura; Cano, Annmarie & Johansen, Ayna (2010). Reciprocity in Couples with Chronic pain: Validation And Invalidation Affect Pain and Pain Adjustment.
  • Pettrem, Yvonne; Nordland, Arve & Johansen, Ayna (2010). Bevissthet og tilstedeværelse - en kilde til et bedre liv. [Video /  DVD].
  • Leong, Laura; Cano, Annmarie & Johansen, Ayna (2009). Sequential Analysis of Validation and Invalidation in Couples with Chronic Pain.

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