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Visiting address Forskningsveien 2B None 0373 OSLO


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  • Kristjansdottir, Olöf Birna; Mirkovic, Jelena; Stenberg, Una; Zangi, Heidi Andersen; Westeng, Marianne; Stange, Kurt & Ruland, Cornelia (2018). Patients’ experiences with a mobile application to promote awareness of personal strengths: Preliminary results.
  • Kristjansdottir, Olöf Birna; Varsi, Cecilie; Westeng, Marianne; Tveten, Kjersti & Ruland, Cornelia (2018). E-health portal to support self-management in young people with cancer: a feasibility study.
  • Børøsund, Elin; Varsi, Cecilie; Birkeland, Kåre I.; Småstuen, Milada C & Ruland, Cornelia (2017). Secure e-mail in Diabetes Care. A pilot study. Show summary
  • Gammon, Barbara Deede; Strand, Monica; Lillian Sofie, Engh; Børøsund, Elin; Varsi, Cecilie & Ruland, Cornelia (2017). Can an e-recovery portal play a role in shifting practices towards recovery?.
  • Jessen, Stian; Mirkovic, Jelena & Ruland, Cornelia (2017). User and Stakeholder Requirements of eHealth Support Tool Viewed In a Self-Determination Theory Lens.

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