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  • Dahl, Hanne Sofie Johnsen; Høglend, Per Andreas; Ulberg, Randi; Amlo, Svein; Gabbard, Glen O.; Perry, John Christopher & Crits-Christoph, Paul (2017). Does Therapists' Disengaged Feelings Influence the Effect of Transference Work? A Study on Countertransference. Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy.  ISSN 1063-3995.  24(2), s 462- 474 . doi: 10.1002/cpp.2015
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  • Dahl, Hanne-Sofie Johnsen; Calderon, Ana & Ulberg, Randi (2017). A close-up study of psychodynamic therapy process using the Adolescent Psychotherapy Q-sort and the Working Alliance Inventory.
  • Dahl, Hanne-Sofie Johnsen & Ulberg, Randi (2016). A portrait of a therapy of a young girl - A pilot study..
  • Dahl, Hanne-Sofie Johnsen & Ulberg, Randi (2016). Hvor står FEST-IT studien og prosessmålet APQ.
  • Dahl, Hanne-Sofie Johnsen; Ulberg, Randi; Friis, Svein; Perry, John Christopher & Høglend, Per Andreas (2016). Therapists' inadequate feelings and long-term effect of transference work. Psychotherapy and Psychosomatics.  ISSN 0033-3190.  85(5), s 309- 310 . doi: 10.1159/000444647
  • Dahl, Hanne-Sofie Johnsen; Ulberg, Randi & Høglend, Per Andreas (2016). Therapists’ Self-reported Countertransference and Patients’ Characteristics.

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