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Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Thoril Kristiansen Kristiansen, Thoril Rådgiver +47-22844699 Human resources administration, Appointments, Recruitment, Regulations, HR-system
Picture of Lise Kveberg Kveberg, Lise Senior Adviser +47-23071351 +47-90699928
Picture of Julie Nybakk Kvaal Kvaal, Julie Nybakk Rådgiver +47-22844690 Research communication, Communication, Internal communication, Press contact
Picture of Gry Bruland Larsen Larsen, Gry Bruland Senior Executive Officer +47-23015597
Picture of Joselan Fabe Larsen Larsen, Joselan Fabe Konsulent +47-23016800
Picture of Ingvild Sørum Leikfoss Leikfoss, Ingvild Sørum Senior Engineer
Lillevold, Pål Henrik Senior Executive Officer +47-23368972
Picture of Rune Lilleaas Lilleaas, Rune Senior Adviser +47-22859240
Picture of Trond Lindskog Lindskog, Trond Principal Engineer +47-22850610 +47-90266206
Picture of Hans-Jørgen Lund Lund, Hans-Jørgen Section Manager +47-22859207 92625140
Picture of Anna Lunde Lunde, Anna Avdelingsingeniør
Picture of Ida Gjervold Lunde Lunde, Ida Gjervold Adviser +47-23016852
Picture of Knut Lundin Lundin, Knut Professor +4790980325 +47-90980325 Education
Picture of Britt Løken Løken, Britt Senior Executive Officer +47-23070938
Picture of Lisa Yuen Løvold Løvold, Lisa Yuen Principal Engineer
Picture of Yogalingam Manickam Manickam, Yogalingam Overingeniør +47-22859014 +47-93054593
Picture of Vladimir Nikolaev Martinov Martinov, Vladimir Nikolaev Overingeniør +47-22851295
Picture of Litzi Mendoza Mendoza, Litzi Higher Executive Officer +47-23066822
Picture of Helga Bergljot Midtbø Midtbø, Helga Bergljot Adviser +47-40855393
Picture of Kristoffer Midtgaard Midtgaard, Kristoffer Principal Engineer +47-22859225 +47-93088959 93088959 IT support
Picture of Doriana Misceo Misceo, Doriana Senior Engineer
Picture of Vivi Talstad Monsen Monsen, Vivi Talstad Head Engineer
Picture of Hans Mossin Mossin, Hans Assistant Director +47-22844654 +47 9916 4241 +4799164241
Picture of Martin Øverlien Myhre Myhre, Martin Øverlien Rådgiver +47-22029144 +4799235846
Picture of Marte Myhrum Myhrum, Marte Senior Engineer +47-23071691