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Persons 101 - 125 of 165
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Hans Mossin Mossin, Hans Assistant Director +47-22844654 +47 9916 4241 +4799164241
Picture of Pugazendhi Murugan Erusappan Murugan Erusappan, Pugazendhi Researcher
Picture of Martin Øverlien Myhre Myhre, Martin Øverlien Adviser +47-22029144 +4799235846
Picture of Marte Myhrum Myhrum, Marte Senior Engineer +47-23071691
Picture of Maria Dana Hansen Nesteby Nesteby, Maria Dana Hansen Adviser +47-22844686 Appointments, Human resources administration, HR-system, Regulations, Recruitment
Picture of Giang Nguyen Nguyen, Giang Principal Engineer
Picture of Sanyalak Niratisairak Niratisairak, Sanyalak Head Engineer +47-23076086
Picture of Christian Nissen Nissen, Christian Overingeniør +47-23072584 Video, Communication, Research communication, Sound, Image, AV services
Picture of Barbra Noodt Noodt, Barbra Administrative Manager +47-22935273 +47-91578437
Picture of Kjersti Ringvoll Normann Normann, Kjersti Ringvoll Head Engineer
Picture of Signe Turid Nøsterud Nøsterud, Signe Turid Higher Executive Officer +47-22119855
Picture of Berit Lund Opheim Opheim, Berit Lund Administrative Manager +47-67968846
Picture of Renukaben Patel Patel, Renukaben Principal Engineer +47-22840259
Picture of Marit Holmefjord Pedersen Pedersen, Marit Holmefjord Higher Executive Officer
Picture of Turid Margrethe Pedersen Pedersen, Turid Margrethe Senior Engineer +47-23073622
Picture of Danh Phung Phung, Danh Head Engineer
Picture of Toril Ranneberg-Nilsen Ranneberg-Nilsen, Toril Senior Engineer +47-23071141
Picture of Anders Revdal Revdal, Anders Adviser
Picture of Tahira Riaz Riaz, Tahira Principal Engineer
Picture of Øivind Rognmo Rognmo, Øivind Adviser
Picture of Ellen Rosenberg Rosenberg, Ellen Adviser +47-23074367 +47-23074367
Picture of Linda Kristin Røine Røine, Linda Kristin Senior Adviser +47-22844652 FS, Student administration, Network, Syllabus, Programme descriptions
Picture of Ellen Lund Sagen Sagen, Ellen Lund Senior Engineer +47-23072788
Picture of Malgorzata Magdalena Sak Sak, Malgorzata Magdalena Higher Executive Officer +47-23073807
Picture of Camilla Schjalm Schjalm, Camilla Senior Engineer