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Persons 126 - 150 of 162
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Ragnhild Skinnes Skinnes, Ragnhild Head Engineer
Picture of Birgit Skjelvik Skjelvik, Birgit Principal Engineer +47-22859013 +47-93667822 93667822 +47 93 66 78 22 Disputas, Arrangementer
Picture of Anneli Skogstad Skogstad, Anneli Head Engineer
Picture of Vidar Magne Skulberg Skulberg, Vidar Magne Head Engineer +47-23016820
Picture of Ragnhild Slettebakk Slettebakk, Ragnhild Head Engineer +47-23073118
Picture of Kristin Nordskogen Smeby Smeby, Kristin Nordskogen Higher Executive Officer +47-22840210
Picture of Willemijn Solheim Solheim, Willemijn Adviser +47-22859235
Picture of Anne Katrine Steffensen Steffensen, Anne Katrine Principal Engineer +47-23073118
Stokke, Mathis Korseberg Senior Adviser
Storli, Ragnhild Bettina Executive Officer
Picture of Alf Otto Sundar Sundar, Alf Otto Principal Engineer +47-23027136 +47-92646991
Picture of Anita Sveen Sveen, Anita Adviser
Picture of Frank Sætre Sætre, Frank Head Engineer +47-22845862
Picture of Anette Sørensen Sørensen, Anette Senior Adviser +47-22781827 Norwegian Centres of Excellence, Administrative management, Research support, External funding, EU funding, Project management, Gender equality
Picture of Oksana Takhirova Takhirova, Oksana Adviser +47-22859215
Picture of Nuriye Basdag Tekin Tekin, Nuriye Basdag Principal Engineer +47-22859131
Picture of Katinka Tobiasson Tobiasson, Katinka Higher Executive Officer
Picture of Tone Iren Tverfjell Tverfjell, Tone Iren Senior Executive Officer +47-22855769 Human resources administration, Recruitment, Appointments, Regulations
Picture of Heidi Tømmerdal Tømmerdal, Heidi Senior Executive Officer +47-22840218
Picture of Jorun Ur Ur, Jorun Section Manager +47-22844612 +47 91388211
Picture of Bente Irene Hafstad Vasbotten Vasbotten, Bente Irene Hafstad Higher Executive Officer
Picture of Kim Jonas Vesterås Vesterås, Kim Jonas Research Technician
Picture of Elisabeth Lea Vikse Vikse, Elisabeth Lea Head Engineer
Picture of Katherine Wang Wang, Katherine Research Technician
Westgaard, Ellen Elisabeth Senior executive officer 67968854 HR-portal, Cristin, Purchasing, IT support for research, Basware