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Persons 151 - 160 of 160
Name Phone E-mail Tags
Picture of Tor Henry Wold Wold, Tor Henry Section Manager +47-22859212 +47-90762645 IT support
Picture of Kine Yttersian Yttersian, Kine Adviser +47-22859226 Recruitment, Regulations, Appointments, HR system
Picture of Yan Zhang Zhang, Yan Senior Engineer +47-23071512
Picture of Andre Øien Øien, Andre Senior Engineer +47-67968844 +47-90580317 Local IT support, IT support for research, Administrative IT services
Picture of Stein Ørn Ørn, Stein Senior Adviser
Picture of Marianne Midthus Østby Østby, Marianne Midthus Senior Adviser +47-22844653 97751605
Picture of Kristin Aaknes Aaknes, Kristin Adviser
Picture of Sven-Christopher Aalvik Aalvik, Sven-Christopher Higher Executive Officer +47 90 222 301
Picture of Vibeke Årskog Årskog, Vibeke Senior Engineer +47-22840280
Picture of Monica Aasrum Aasrum, Monica Senior Engineer +47-22840220